In-mold Decoration with Reversed Imaging System

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Author Kevin Andrews
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We seek a process that allows plastic surfaces to be decorated with ink directly during injection molding can save us extra steps with post molding painting.  However, in many cases, we have images with only limited areas where paint was not desirable. We need to have a process or system that can provide us the ability to shield certain small areas where no paint will be applied.
What are we looking for:
  • We desire a process with a certain combination of materials, which consists of a printing ink or a treatment that can reduce the surface wettability of the applied areas and subsequently shield those areas from the second printing inks
  • The repellent ink or treatment will cover the symbols and in the following painting process
  • The visual result is comparable to a negative or reverse print or laser etching.
  • A permanent treatment or coating process onto the tool surface is also acceptable



This is similar to a current process that allows plastic surfaces to be decorated with ink directly during injection molding. A pad printing machine transfers the printed image directly to the surface of the mold. The ink is then overmolded by the plastic melt from behind. However, we want to be able to shield some areas from being painted by the pad printing process.


The result would be an alternative to painted and laser etched parts


The solution we seek is analogous to the printing process known as lithography.




Key Success Criteria
  • Applicable to decorate 3D shaped parts by printing and painting process
  • High accuracy in the maintained symbol graphics
  • Short drying time for both materials or treatment


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Point of Contact
Kevin Andrews
Area of Interest
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Printing
Yanfeng Automotive Interiors
Due Date
February 27, 2017
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