Natural Fiber for Compression Molded Automotive Applications

Request Number N612496
Author Yanfeng Automotive Interiors
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A new natural fiber for compression molded automotive mats.



What we are looking for:

A new best in class natural fiber that can be co-mingled with a thermoplastic fiber and made into mats for compression molding; or made into a mat and then coated with a thermoset and compression molded for the manufacture of light weight products having superior mechanical performance, resulting in lower scrap through improved material consistency.
  • Natural fibers are typically harvested and processed using manual techniques which result in material variation. As a result, current natural fibers products are over-engineered.
  • We are interested in bio engineered natural fibers for optimum performance as well as natural fibers produced with advanced harvesting-processes such as automated retting and cutting techniques for improved properties and consistency.


Key Success Criteria
  • Typical length is 50mm (2") +/-25mm
  • < 1400GSM in 100% mat form
  • Low cost
  • Withstands processing of as high as 200 °C
  • Domestic supply desired (North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific)


Preferred Collaboration types
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Items to be submitted
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Point of Contact
Kevin Andrews
Area of Interest
  • Molding
  • Materials Processing
  • Transportation
Yanfeng Automotive Interiors
Due Date
February 27, 2017
Award Amount
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