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We are looking for novel technologies which can be used to either reduce the energy consumed by the various products on a mine site or to recover a substantial proportion of the waste energy for re-use in other processes.


Due to the harsh environment which a mine site provides, all physical technologies will have to be durable and ruggedized for the situation.  Mine sites can either be open or closed and are located in all parts of the world, so technology must be adaptable to environments and climates, as well as being suitable for use in extremely remote areas.

In some countries, more than 6% of energy consumption is accounted for by mine sites and the mining process alone.  This huge energy consumption results in extremely high costs for the operators and increases the cost of mining overall.  A significant proportion of the energy is lost to heat and vibration in the various products and processes across a site.


With recent development in energy efficient technology and also energy recovery technologies we believe there is an opportunity to considerably reduce the energy consumed and the overall energy costs of the mining process.

Key Success Criteria
  • Cost-effective
  • Novel
  • Adaptable to other industries
Possible Approaches

Possible approaches include, but are not limited to:


  • New or alternative technology for recovering energy
  • Alternative uses for energy which is wasted at site
  • New technologies for increasing the efficiency of current products
  • Design improvements to existing equipment
Preferred Collaboration types
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

We are looking for a concise abstract/executive summary. 


The proposal should briefly describe the technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background and description of the responding team and their related experience.


To respond, please use the Respond button located at the end of this page.


Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted.  By submitting a response you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever.  By submitting a response, you acknowledge that the Need’s sponsoring organization, in its sole discretion, may select or reject a response or any portion thereof.


Your summary/abstract should contain all required information in order to provide us with appropriate contact information for your responses. 
Point of Contact
Oliver Worsfold
Area of Interest
  • Energy & Power Production
Weir Group
Due Date
April 15, 2017
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