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Unimpossible Missions: The University Edition


Every day at GE, we do things that supposedly can't be done. By taking the smartest minds and giving them access to the most cutting-edge technology available, we're solving the world's toughest problems. In other words, we take the impossible and make it unimpossible.


We demonstrated this recently with a series of films where we took three common expressions describing things that can't absolutely be done. And then we went ahead and did them, one after the other.


Now, it's your turn. Using your intelligence, knowhow, and a toolkit of GE technology, we want you to select a common expression or idiom - and then describe an experiment that disproves it.


Up to three students will be selected as Competition winners. Up to two second place winners will be awarded a paid intership* at one of GE's Global Research Centers (GRC) and up to one grand prize winner will additionally receive a Scholarship* of up to $100,000 USD and a trip* to GE's New Your GRC to see their idea filmed as one of the next Unimpossible Missions.


*See Rules for full details, restrictions and limitations.









STEP 1: SELECT YOUR IDIOM - Consider the following when selecting your idiom,

  1. Your idiom should ideally describe something that's difficult, unlikely or impossible.
  2. It helps if your idiom makes a claim. This is because claims that be disproven with an experiment. For example, with the film, "A snowball's chance in hell," it makes the claim that snowballs have no chance in hell, which we disproved by immersing one in molten metal and it didn't melt. "At the drop of a hat" can't be disproven because it doesn't really make a claim.
  3. Your idiom can be from any part of the world. It doesn't have to be from the US or even be in English.

STEP 2: SOLVE - When you're thinking about how you would propose to debunk the idiom you've selected, make sure to use at least one piece of existing GE technologies (you can use as many as you'd like). Or an existing GE technology that can be adapted for another purpose. Or GE technology that can be used to create new technology. Just make sure GE technology plays a significant role. Here is a GE Technology Toolkit to help you.


STEP 3: SUBMIT - NineSigma is administrating this challenge on behalf of GE. Visit the Response link above to enter.





Up to three students will be selected as winners, including up to:


  • UP TO $100,000 USD SCHOLARSHIP**
  • A 10-Week Paid Internship* at a GE Global Research Center (GRC)
  • Trip* to the New York GE GRC to have their idea filmed in the next Unimpossible Missions series!


  • A 10-Week Paid Internship* at a GE Global Research Center (GRC)

*See Rules for full details, restrictions and limitations

**Grand Prize Scholarship has been expanded. Grand Prize Winner will recieve a scholarship up to $100,000 USD total (the "Scholarship") to be paid for up to three years of schooling - or until the completion of the Grand Prize Winner's undergraduate or graduate degree - whichever happens first. Additional restrictions apply. See Rules for additional details and limitations.








In the summer of 2015, a request came to the GE Global Research Center to do three impossible tasks. Over the course of several months, the GRC assembled a dream team of technical experts from a variety of disciplines to tackle the challenges.


They were tasked with their Unimpossible Missions: protecting a snowball on a journey to hell and back, turning a wall into a good listener, and catching lightning in a bottle.


The experiments they designed are a testament to the great work that can be accomplished when experts from disparate areas come together to collaborate and find out-of-the-box solutions to big problems. The way our researchers share knowledge and expertise across areas and business is what is called the GE Store and it's what makes GE so unique.


Subject to Offical Rules. Must submit at least one Entry at 5pm EDT on June 14, 2016 to be eligible. To participate, must be over the age of 18 or the age of majority in said individual's country of origin, attending an accredited university or college and have will not have graduated before December 31, 2017. Free NineSigma account and internet access required. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Grand Prize Scholarship has been expanded. See Competition Website for further details.  Up to two second place prizes of paid GE Global Research Center "GRC" internships (up to $28,000 USD each) and up to one grand prize (including paid GE Global Research Center internship, Scholarship up to $100,000 USD and a paid trip to the Niskayuna, New York GRC to have winning Entrant's idea featured in the next Unimpossible Missions series) available. Winning depends on Entrant's skills in meeting judging criteria. Sponsors reserve right not to award all prizes depending on quality of Entries received. 


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