Improving Western Blotting

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Western blotting is a routine technique for protein analysis, used to produce qualitative and semiquantitative data about a protein of interest. Thermo Fisher Scientific seeks innovation for this technique.



Thermo Fisher Scientific is seeking partners and opportunities to develop and commercialize improvements to the western blotting workflow. Western blotting or protein blotting, is a widely used technique to identify and characterize proteins. It is used to detect the presence of a specific protein in a complex mixture extracted from cells or tissue. The current process has relatively low costs for instrument and reagents, is largely manual, and involves the following steps:


  1. Sample preparation
  2. Electrophoresis
  3. Protein transfer to membrane
  4. Detection of a protein of interest using corresponding primary antibodies and secondary antibody conjugates
  5. Visualization and quantitation of protein of interest using autoradiography or various imaging systems detecting fluorescent or chemiluminescent signals


Key Success Criteria
The successful technology or process improvement should meet some or all of the following criteria:
  • Reduce, minimize, or eliminate at least 2–3 steps while maintaining sensitivity and dynamic range of detection
  • Automate some or all the steps
  • Must maintain molecular weight information
  • Must be compatible with a multi-user laboratory 
  • Must be completed in less than one day, preferably less than 3 hours 
  • Allows processing of at least 10–20 samples
  • Allows multiplexing of 2–3 protein targets 
  • Ability to determine target specificity (i.e., off-target effects)


Possible Approaches
  • Protein detection within the separation matrix
  • Combining or automating multiple steps (protein separation, transfer, processing, detection)
  • All-in-one separation, transfer, processing, and detection
  • Alternative gel or membrane chemistries with improved performance


Approaches not of interest



Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Supply Agreement
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted
We are looking for concise, nonconfidential proposals. The proposal should:
  • Describe the technical approach
  • Include a description of the responding organization or team and their experience
We recommend:
  • Including a concise abstract summarizing your submission
  • Attaching your proposal
  • Attaching any additional documents

Please note that only nonconfidential information can be accepted. By submitting a response, you confirm that the response does not contain any confidential information.


Point of Contact
Jonathan Jakischa
Area of Interest
  • Medical Products & Services
  • Other
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical R & D
  • Other
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Due Date
March 30, 2018
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