Terms and Conditions


Eligibility and details for the Challenge are outlined below.



The GE GHG ecomagination Innovation Challenge is open to eligible participants with ideas or technologies that meet the GHG Challenge objectives. Complete eligibility requirements are described in the Terms and Conditions.

Selection and Review Process

All judging, eligibility, and award decisions are final, not subject to review and at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. Respondents acknowledge that the Sponsor reserves the right to award fewer than three respondents, if in its sole discretion, an insufficient number of eligible Entries meet the Judging Criteria.

The award determination will be made by the GE with the guidance and recommendations of the strategic advisors convened for this purpose, to ensure relevant expertise and diversity of perspectives.

By submitting a response, respondents agree to all of the submission requirements outlined in the
Terms and Conditions, including confidentiality, selection, and the review processes, including:

  1. Respondents agree to the submission terms described in the required Response Form.
  2. Respondents confirm that their submissions do not contain any confidential information.
  3. Respondents acknowledge that the Sponsor reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to fund all, some, or none of the responses received to this request.