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Health Assessment of Insulated Pressure Vessels


A safe work environment is fundamental to secure engagement and efficient operations in Statoil. Time has come to challenge our methods of assessing pressure vessels. Through our Innovation challenge on Health Assessment of Insulated Pressure Vessels we seek proposals that enable us to do safer and more efficient inspections. Solutions will also contribute to reduced cost and higher regularity, thereby improving our competitiveness.


What’s your idea?






NineSigma, representing Statoil, seeks proposals for non-intrusive inspection technologies that can assess deterioration and/or damage like internal or external corrosion, cracking, fractures, deposits, structure failures, welding defects within insulated pressure vessels.  The ideal solution will give a full diagnosis of the overall status of a vessel without the need to stop the production process or stripping/removing the external insulation.  Promising partial solutions will also be evaluated. 



Up to 3 respondents will be awarded an initial cash prize of up to $15,000 each. 


Prize winners may also be invited to discuss potential development projects in collaboration with Statoil Research & Technology.  Statoil has more than 2,000 pressure vessels, and initial funding is typically in the range of $100,000 to $300,000.  If successful, further funding may be available for piloting at our large scale test facilities and operating assets. 






Full or partial solutions are welcome from all industries and scientific areas.  

Successful submissions should include:


  • High level description of the proposed technology
    • Abstract
    • Working Principle
    • Technical data that demonstrates performance
    • Limitations of the technology
    • Technical maturity (concept, prototype, commercialized)
  • Remaining technical contests and remediation plans
  • Time estimated to complete on site
  • Business model, including overview on how the system is run
  • Examples of tests on similar installations
  • Team experience and relevant experience with damage detection


Proposals will be evaluated during August 2016, and participants may be contacted by the evaluation committee for clarifications.  Winners will be announced in October 2016.  



You must complete and submit the online response form by July 12, 2016 5:00 PM EDT.  Your proposal submission will serve as the official entry in this Challenge.  Suplemental files may be submitted.  


If you require assistance to submit, please post on the forums or contact the NineSigma Help Desk.



See Official Rules for details. Contest opens on April 28, 2016.  Must submit at least one Entry by July 12, 2016 to be eligible. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

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Welcome to our Innovation Contest! Please read through the materials provided. We look forward to innovating with you!


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