Method for a safe configuration of a product to ensure its safety-related functions will be executed correctly

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We are searching for a solution that ensures that the configuration data which was created by the user manually via the configuration software is correctly and safely stored in the product and ensures the specific safety-related functions of the product will be executed correctly. 



Generally a standard PC with standard operating system is used to run the software provided to configure the product (configuration software). Additionally the PC and the OS have to be taken as unsafe1) equipment which does not provide safe functions.


Functional Safety: part of the overall safety relating to the product that depends on the correct execution of specific safety-related functions of the product. (from IEC61508-4(2010), adapted)


1) unsafe: not fulfilling relevant functional safety requirements as stated by IEC 61508 or ISO 13849



Key Success Criteria
  • An implementable method (using software, hardware or both) for safe configuration of a product with functional safety functions. (see definition in "Description")
  • Safety of the method should have a chance to be proven against respective requirements of the standards IEC 61508 [2010] and ISO 13849-1 [2015]


Approaches not of interest
  • The new method shall be different to the following known solutions:
    • Configuration verification by test at the application;
    •  Configuration printout for manual verification;
    • Complex download/upload/compare procedure for each configuration data item input by the user (Pat. DE10353210A1);
  • Method and apparatus for safe parameterization (DE102004055971A1) 


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March 15, 2018
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