Measurement Techniques and Devices to Detect Gas Leakage from Pressure Vessels

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Siemens is seeking measurement techniques and devices to detect gas leaks from pressure

vessels for use in the final inspection of the vessels. Techniques should work with pressure vessels filled with air up to 1,0 MPa and detect leaks equivalent to ≤0.5% per annum.


The detection of gas leaks is part of the testing of pressure vessels for different applications. This leak tightness has to be ensured within the final inspection after production. In case of pressure vessels filled with air the leakage of air components (e.g. O2, N2, CO2) has to be <0,5% p.a.


Key Success Criteria
  • Works with pressure vessels:
    • filled with air
    • sized from 0,5 m x 0,3 m up to 3 m x 2 m (length x diameter)
    • containing volume from 30 liter up to 10.000 liter
  • The duration of each tightness test should not exceed 1-2 hours
  • The measurement method/device should allow for calculation of the leakage rate measured


Possible Approaches
  • Siemens is open to all solutions that meet the success criteria.
  • Existing solutions applied to automotive industry (e.g. tires), Aerospace industry or gas analytics are preferred.
  • Solutions that allow testing with standard air are welcome.


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Contract Analysis and Testing
  • Technology Licensing
  • Consulting
  • Supply Agreement
Items to be submitted
We are looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should:
  • Describe the technical approach
  • Include a description of the responding organisation or team and their experience


Please use the Respond button in order to submit your proposal.


We recommend:

  • including a concise abstract summarising your submission
  • attaching your proposal
  • attaching any additional documents


Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted. By submitting a response you confirm that the response does not contain any confidential information.


Point of Contact
Stephen Clulow
Area of Interest
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Commercial Equipment & Components
Due Date
March 31, 2017
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