Display's vision statement "Display beyond Imagination" shows our domain and commitment to create future-oriented technology of the kind previously only seen in sci-fi films.



We understand that the vision can be only achieved by working together with external partners, accessing the global research and innovation community, and reaching beyond a specific industry, discipline, or collaborative partner.


Our long-term Open Innovation strategy focuses on new ideas, risk, speed, and leverage. It is the process of looking for new sources of new technology and innovation globally. We invite you to help us make our visionary new technologies change the world.


Together, let us bring new products and technology that enrich personal lifestyles while advancing society. Thank you for joining in the Samsung Display Open Innovation experience.


If you wish to submit other innovative display technologies or ideas that do not match these current needs, please visit (look for the pop-up to the Open Source Proposal System).



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Samsung Display is seeking organic or hybrid insulation layers for thin film transistors that can be applied to foldable display modules.  Current inorganic insulation layers are not satisfactory and alternative dielectric materials are needed. Additionally, dielectric materials should be mechani...

Due Date: April 30, 2014

| Publish Date: 

| Status: Extension Available

ID: N632380

During the fabrication of foldable OLEDs, an important step is protecting them from external contamination such as  water/moisture, oxygen, and other chemical gases. Samsung Display seeks novel and highly flexible organic or hybrid films with thicknesses up to 100µm. How to Respond: We are lookin...

Due Date: March 31, 2014

| Publish Date: 

| Status: Extension Available

ID: N832169

Woo Jeong Jang
Welcome to our Featured Gallery! Please feel free to respond to any of our stated Needs. We look forward to innovating with you!
Teruo Katakura
We invite responses from Japan, Korea, China, and we are fully equipped to collaborate with you.