Antibodies to Tumor Specific Antigens

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Pfizer seeks to collaborate with organizations that have monoclonal antibodies (mAb) suitable for antibody drug conjugation (ADC) or T-cell recruiting approaches.


Pfizer has two decades of experience in developing therapies based on ADC and has developed an extensive set of proprietary linkers, payloads and bispecific antibody formats that can be leveraged for this collaboration.


Pfizer would like to conjugate its linkers and payloads to your mAb and provide you with ADC materials to test in your in vitro and in vivo models. Pfizer would also like to explore strategies to utilize your mAb to recruit T-cells to the tumor.


Key Success Criteria

To be considered for the ADC approach, your monoclonal antibodies should demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • Tumor-selective expression of the target antigen, with no or minimal normal tissue presence, typically demonstrated by IHC;
  • Demonstrated cell surface presentation of the antigen, typically by FACS;
  • Rodent cross-reactivity to the target antigen, which is a distinct advantage for toxicology studies; and

Humanized antibodies (preferred, but not essential).


Possible Approaches

Pfizer seeks to evaluate your mAb for potential utility as an ADC or to engage T-cells to the tumor. As no single linker/payload combination will work for all ADC targets, access to Pfizer's extensive set of next-generation linkers and payloads will improve the chance that your mAb will succeed as an ADC. Pfizer may also utilize its in-house expertise to engineer bispecific antibody formats to recruit T-cells to the tumor that express your antigen.


Pfizer will conjugate its linkers and payloads to your mAb or engineer bispecific antibody formats for you to test in your in-vitro and in-vivo models.


Strong signs of efficacy and safety may lead to a further research collaboration with the aim of rapidly progressing toward entry into clinical studies.


Approaches not of interest

Pfizer is not currently interested in assessing mAbs that do not target cancer cells.



Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Contract Research
  • Technology Licensing
Items to be submitted

 IP Requirements:

The partner organization must hold full rights to license (or sublicense) the mAbs that are tested.


Your proposal should be in the form of a concise non-confidential abstract/executive summary that briefly describes the technical approach and provides information on technology performance and background on the applicant and their team (including their related experience). To submit a proposal, please use the Respond button located on the Need page and complete the required Response Template. By submitting a proposal, you acknowledge and confirm that you have consulted with your Technology Transfer Office, Business Development Office or any other required group and that you have their approval to submit the response. All Personal Information disclosed to Pfizer within a response will be utilized in accord with principles and polices as described at By submitting a proposal, you also acknowledge that Pfizer, in its sole discretion, may select or reject a proposal or any portion thereof. Your NineSights community profile should contain all required information in order to provide us with appropriate contact information for your proposal. For questions about NineSights privacy and security, please feel free to post in our Community Help forums.


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Darren Coomber
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  • Medical Products & Services
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November 30, 2015
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To be negotiated
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