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Pfizer Worldwide R&D (WRD) organization is interested in accessing innovative technologies in fields where Asia Pacific offers unique strengths such as natural product drug discovery; novel synthetic chemistry; human genetics and clinical research based biomarker and novel target identification and validation; phenotypic screen reflecting patient disease states etc.  We seek to provide funding to a limited number of Asia’s leading academic and biotech groups to create new partnerships that address the our key partnering needs. Funding from $50,000 to $1.0M may be provided to support research collaborations with measureable annual milestones that can help transition these opportunities from the academic environment into new start-up companies.


Key Success Criteria:

This challenge is open to:

    1. Asia Pacific academic & biotechnology researchers seeking to transition their discoveries and technologies into start-up companies within or outside of the region
    2. Academic & biotechnology researchers seeking to transition their discoveries and technologies into start-up companies in the Asia Pacific region


Proposals will be assessed upon:

    1. Scientific merit and novelty
    2. Ability to meet measurable annual milestones
    3. Track record of the Principal Investigators and key team members



has established a number of novel approaches to work with partners to develop new medicines. Moving beyond traditional collaborations and licensing deals, Pfizer is actively seeking to support early stage discovery research programs.   Pfizer currently supports numerous collaborative partnerships with some of the world's leading academic researchers. We now seek new opportunities to collaborate with early stage programs that are initiated from within Asian universities, research institutes and biotechnology companies or those wishing to establish operations in Asian countries.


We are committed to exploratory research and have empowered our Asia External R&D Innovation team to identify and invest in opportunities that align with our global core research interests and to support early-stage technologies so they might transition from a pure academic environment into new start-up companies.


Possible Approaches:

Pfizer is particularly interested in technologies related to:

    1. Natural product and/or synthetic biology based discovery of novel chemical matter (we are not interested in mixtures of natural products or compounds that are not amenable to synthetic chemistry or fermentation for scale up)
    2. Novel synthetic chemistry methodologies and design tools to extend accessible chemical space and target space (e.g. GPCRs and Protein-protein interface etc.)
    3. Innovative drug delivery approaches (e.g. tissue specific delivery, delivery across BBB etc.)
    4. Human genetic/proteomic studies andclinical/translational researchers for novel biomarker and target identification and validation
    5. Novel disease models and phenotypic screen platforms that enable better and faster transition of therapeutics from pre-clinical discovery to clinical sucess


Approaches Not of Interest:

    1. Proposals for block funding collaborations that do not have specific and defined milestones that can be reasonably met within a two year time period
    2. Proposals that fall outside of our key therapeutic areas of interest (see
    3. Proposals related to mixtures of natural products or compounds that are not amenable to synthetic chemistry or fermentation for scale up


Preferred Collaboration Type:

Pfizer’s WRD External R&D Innovation Division has established a seed fund to provide up to $1.0m to establish and progress early stage research collaborations. For appropriate opportunities, Pfizer may also provide access to many of our key capabilities and drug discovery and development resources. We are seeking opportunities to establish truly collaborative relationships that bring a high level of interaction between our R&D groups and appropriate partner organizations.


How to Respond:

We are looking for a concise abstract/executive summary.  The proposal should include a completed required Response Template to briefly describe the technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background and description of the responding team and their related experience.


By submitting a response you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. All Personal Information disclosed to Pfizer within a response will be utilized in accord with principles and polices as described at By submitting a response, you also acknowledge and confirm that you have consulted with your Technology Transfer Office, Business Development Office or any other required group and that you have their approval to submit the response. By submitting a response, you acknowledge that the Need's sponsoring organization, in its sole discretion, may select or reject a response or any portion thereof.


Your NineSights community profile should contain all required information in order to provide us with appropriate contact information for your responses. For questions about NineSights privacy and security, please feel free to post in our forums.

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Key Success Criteria
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  • To Be Negotiated
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Jonathan Tzeng
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  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Family & Consumer Products & Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Medical Products & Services
  • Packaging
  • Professional Services
  • Other
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April 11, 2014
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