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Pfizer seeks to partner with leading academic groups and biotechnology companies in Asia to expand their current understanding of the molecular and mechanistic nature of the association and causality between brain inflammation and neurological disease pathogenesis. Pfizer's interests include the development of therapeutics, imaging agents and biomarkers for neuroinflammation.



Inflammation plays a substantial role in the morbidity and mortality of acute and chronic neurological insults and disorders. Heightened brain inflammation puts patients at a significant risk for exacerbation of degenerative and psychiatric symptoms. Microgliosis and astrocytosis secondary to these inflammatory processes are a major factor in the disability seen in the short and long term sequelae of neuroinflammatory conditions.


Despite an abundance of preclinical data supporting possible involvement of neuroinflammation in neurological disease pathogenesis, little is understood about the molecular and mechanistic nature of the association and causality that exists between brain inflammation and disease pathogenesis. Moreover, although numerous preclinical observations suggest a therapeutic potential for lowering brain inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs have shown little success in clinical trials.


Key Success Criteria:

Successful responses will:

    1. be based upon an initial rationale that must originate from data obtained from clinical, disease related, biochemical, physiological, imaging or genetic observations
    2. be supported by animal models or in vitro work that supports or validates the initial clinical data and/ or rationale
    3. have identified a potential signaling pathway or molecule(s) supporting therapeutic targeting and/or the use of novel biomarker for disease/patient stratification


Approaches Not of Interest:

Animal or in-vitro work leading to an initial hypothesis that has no robust measurable clinical data supporting the rationale


Preferred Collaboration Type:

As the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer is proud to offer our Asian partners access to our world-class research scientists, our cutting-edge capabilities in medicine and vaccine design, our global network of external collaborations, and our industry-leading manufacturing and commercial capabilities. We are confident that you will find Pfizer to be a great partner in advancing your science and bringing high-impact medicines and vaccines to improve human health. We will explore partnering models that most suit our collaborative opportunity.


How to Respond:

We are looking for a completed Response Template, which may contain a concise abstract/executive summary. The proposal should briefly describe the technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background and description of the responding team and their related experience. To Respond, please use the red Respond Now button located to the right. Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted.


By submitting a response you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. All Personal Information disclosed to Pfizer within a response will be utilized in accord with principles and polices as described at By submitting a response, you also acknowledge and confirm that you have consulted with your Technology Transfer Office, Business Development Office or any other required group and that you have their approval to submit the response. By submitting a response, you acknowledge that the Need's sponsoring organization, in its sole discretion, may select or reject a response or any portion thereof.


Your NineSights community profile should contain all required information in order to provide us with appropriate contact information for your responses. For questions about NineSights privacy and security, please feel free to post in our forums.

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Key Success Criteria
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Jonathan Tzeng
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April 11, 2014
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