Submission Guidelines

The Idea Phase seeks ideas for solutions at all levels of detail.  You can:

  • Describe a problem and the inkling of an idea for a solution
  • Describe a problem and discuss the unmet needs that point to a problem solution
  • Describe a problem and a propose a detailed concept for a solution

Your idea should use one or more of the following technologies as part of your solution concept:

  • Diagnostics
    • Including but not limited to evidence-based pain management, assessment of addiction potential, and recovery management
  • Medical Devices
    • Including but not limited to pain management and wearable biosensors to monitor recovery or overdose 
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Including but not limited to non-opioid drug alternatives for pain management and novel drug formulations to prevent misuse and abuse
  • Health Information Technology
    • Including but not limited to care coordination for addiction prevention and recovery management, and prescription identification and monitoring
  • Software (Apps)
    • Including but not limited to improved access to existing clinical and social services, improved emergency response, prescription monitoring (misuse and abuse avoidance), and recovery management


Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Top Prize Evaluation Criteria
To be eligible for one of the US$10,000 prizes, your response should explain: 

  • The problem in detail and what is missing in current approaches
  • Your proposed solution, the technology or technologies involved, and how it solves the problem
  • A description of the resources and time needed to implement your solution

Evaluation Criteria to Qualify for Runner-up Prize
To be eligible for selection in the random drawing among runner-up winners for US$500, your response should:

  • Explain the passion behind your response and
  • Describe one of the following:
    • The problem you see and the unmet need that exists or
    • The problem and an idea for a solution


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