Food grade barrier coatings to restrict or control moisture migration

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Mondelēz International is looking for ways to create multi texture experiences. We are seeking new materials, coatings or mechanisms for controlling water activity or new process technology that would deliver a crispy, crunchy texture in a high water activity medium



Multi-texture components within the same product tend to lose stability due to moisture migration over an extended period of time.  The difference in water activities between the inclusions and the water- based medium allows for moisture migration resulting in an impact on the textural properties of the components. By identifying a barrier that mitigates the moisture migration, we can enable different textures to co- exist. Existing food grade barrier materials like fat, shellac, etc. are known to have certain limitations as they negatively impact the nutritional profile or are not effective in controlling the moisture migration. 


Key Success Criteria


  • Edible, easy to process,
  • approved for use in food,
  • better nutritional profile than chocolate
  • ideally taste- neutral
  • does not require a very thick coating to be effective
  • robust under standard process conditions
  • stability over 12 months
  • high technology readiness level (Commercially available or will be imminently)


Has these characteristics, or these can be added with further development:

  • No allergens
  • Comply with GRAS Guidelines and EU food law or grant a chance for approval in near term if considered a novel food 


Possible Approaches
  • Food materials science
  • Highly hydrophobic coatings for textiles, cosmetics and production equipment
  • Functional coatings which restrict moisture migration after initial moisture absorption
  • Any other ingredients that restrict moisture migration
  • Process technologies to create a more effective barrier


Approaches not of interest

Coating in chocolate, fat or shellac


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Supply Agreement
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

We are looking for a concise, non-confidential, proposal.


The proposal should describe:

  • The approach (new ingredient technology, mechanism for controlling water activity or new process technology)
  • How the approach would meet the water activity and stability requirements
  • The current stage of development, estimated cost and any IP (if relevant)
  • Data showing the inclusions are compatibility with the manufacturing process for chocolate (if available)
  • The responding organization or team and your experience



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Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted. By submitting a response you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. By submitting a response, you acknowledge that the Need's sponsoring organization, in its sole discretion, may select or reject a response or any portion thereof.


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Point of Contact
Stephen Clulow
Area of Interest
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Food & Beverage
  • Textiles & Non-Wovens
  • Materials Processing
  • Packaging
Mondelēz International
Due Date
May 27, 2017
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