Outlicensing IP on Patented Parasite Prevention (Anthelmintic) Technology

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Mondelēz International is seeking to outlicense a proprietary breakthrough technology in the area of intestinal parasite infection reduction and prevention jointly developed by Mondelēz International and TyraTech.  The technology is a proprietary combination of a parasite prevention technology and a novel delivery system to insure optimal delivery and effectiveness. 


The technology is based on a proprietary synergistic blend of natural, plant-based essential oils microencapsulated in a delivery system that has the potential to be used as a food ingredient and formulated into a great tasting food or beverage or as a nutriceutical ingredient for human and animal health applications.  The technology releases in the intestine where the parasites reside.  The result is a significant reduction in the worm burden, killing off a significant percentage of the worms and eggs.


Intestinal parasites, Helminths, are a significant public health issue in developing countries where there are under-developed sanitation systems and potentially substandard housing conditions.  These intestinal parasites are worm-like organisms that live & feed off living hosts, disrupting their hosts’ nutrient absorption & causing weakness and disease.  These parasites disproportionately afflict children, cause a number of serious health concerns & contribute to cycles of poverty. School age children are particularly susceptible to contracting parasites, resulting in malnutrition, vomiting, anemia, insomnia, immune suppression and delayed intellectual development.  Long term physical and cognitive damage can be caused by these parasites and in extreme cases can be fatal.

Current synthetic drug solutions are sub-optimal, with unpleasant side effects, issues with the development of resistance and are not preventative.  Animal studies suggest drugs can be embryotoxic and teratogenic, raising safety concerns for children and pregnant women.

Mondelēz International and TyraTech have invested significant time and effort into the collaborative development of a parasite prevention technology targeted to reduce the impact of these intestinal parasites as a public health issue.  The high value technology solution developed by Mondelēz International and TyraTech is designed to be safe, natural and non-toxic.  It effectively kills intestinal parasites and is deployable as a daily maintenance solution through several platforms and has potential applications for both human and animal health applications..

Key Success Criteria

The following represents the scope of IP available for licensing:


  • Compositions and Methods for Controlling Insects

(US 7,541,155 and other countries)

  • Compositions and Methods for Controlling Insects

(US 8,685,471 and other countries)

  • Compositions and Methods for Controlling Insects Related to the Octopamine Receptor

(US 7,622,269 and other countries)

  • Pest Control Using Natural Pest Control Agent Blends

(US 8,501,247 and other countries)

  • Synergistic Antiparasitic Compositions and Screening Methods

(WO2009/086471 and other countries)

  • Pest Control Compositions and Methods

(US 8,691,256 and other countries)

  • Antiparasitic Compositions and Methods

(US 2015/0150838 )

  • Novel Preparation of Enteric Release System

(US 8,859,003 and other countries)

  • Novel Preparation of Enteric Release System

(US 8,765,030 and other countries)

  • Delivery of Functional Compounds

(US 2010/0310666A1 and other countries)

  • Enteric Delivery of Functional Ingredients Suitable for Hot Comestible

(US 8,859,005 and other countries)


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Technology Licensing
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Stephen Clulow
Area of Interest
  • Medical Products & Services
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
Mondelēz International
Due Date
May 27, 2017
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