Outlicensing IP on Low Tack Adhesives for Resealable Packaging

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Mondelēz International is seeking to outlicense a proprietary breakthrough technology in the area of package reclosabilty jointly developed by Mondelēz International and Battelle Memorial Institute.  The technology, referred to as “Low Tack Adhesive”, is an energy-curable coating that rebonds to itself but does not stick to unlike surfaces.   


What sets Low Tack Adhesive (LTA) apart from other adhesive-based fasteners is that it re-closes time after time, even in the presence of particles. LTA is an energy-curable coating that resealably bonds to itself, but does not stick to unlike surfaces. It does not feel tacky to the touch, but provides a secure repositionable seal when contacted to itself. It can deliver functionality like a zipper using existing packaging assets without costly modifications or upgrades.


Low Tack Adhesive (LTA) solves the shortcomings of existing reclose technologies in the following ways:

  • LTA is pre-applied to the packaging film by the converter, requiring little or no changes to existing packaging equipment.

  • LTA only sticks to itself. Crumb-sized particulates do not adhere.

  • LTA does not feel tacky to the touch. There is no unpleasant sticky feeling to the consumer.

  • LTA requires no effort to align. Just press it together and it sticks.

  • Unlike Zipper, LTA creates no efficiency loss on your packaging line.

More information on LTA is available in the attachment (see Attachments section on this page).



A secure means of reclose is important for multi-use consumer product packaging.  Consumers want the ability to reclose packages in order to contain and protect the unused portion for later consumption.  Effective reclose can set a product apart from the competition.


A multitude of commercially available solutions exist for package reclose. Press-to-close zipers provide a secure reclose, however they require exact alignment which can confound and frustrate consumers.  Slide zippers and hook-and-loop technology require minimal effort to align, but the high cost is prohibitive for many applications. A further disadvantage of these approaches is that adding zipper or hook-and-loop type fastener systems to many packaging assets can be extremely capital intensive.


Reclosable fasteners utilizing traditional pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) are also available in the marketplace. PSA fasteners work well for certain applications, but since they adhere to whatever they touch, these systems fail when there is contact with particulates which foul the adhesive.  PSA’s also feel sticky to the touch, which may be unpleasant to consumers and can make the fastener hard to manipulate. View more Needs like this on our Managed Innovation Gallery.


Key Success Criteria

The following is some, but not all of the IP is available for licensing:

  • Low-Tack, UV-cured Pressure Sensitive Adhesive suitable for Reclosable Packages (US 8389596)
  • Flexible Package with internal resealable closure feature (US 8398306)
  • Peelable composite thermoplastic sealants in Packaging Films  (US 7871696)


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May 27, 2017
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