Smarter Processing Techniques for Fresher Tasting Fruit or Vegetables

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Author Mondelēz International
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Mondelēz International is seeking novel processing techniques that will significantly improve the fresh-like sensory features of fruit or vegetable preparations for example: crunchy bite texture, fresher taste, improved color appearance.

The techniques must work on bulk containers (> 250 kg, pressurized/locked seal openings) of fruit or vegetables (whole or pieces) and give a 3-4 months chilled shelf life.

The fresher-tasting preparations will be used in our flavored Philadelphia cream cheese.


Delicious quality flavored cream cheese products can be created by adding fresh herbs and spices, vegetables or fruits to a fresh & creamy cream cheese base.  The resulting products have in general a short shelf life, most often significantly less than 4 weeks under chilled storage.
The Mondelez International Philadelphia category is focusing on longer lasting products. To provide flavored cream cheese products that last for 3 months pre-processed fruit or vegetable preparations are used. Normally these are prepared in > 250 kg, pressurized/locked seal openings containers, by pasteurization at > 80°C for 5-10 minutes in batch or continuous cookers. The heating profile is necessary to achieve the microbiological target criteria (described above). However, pasteurization leads to damage and texture loss, color and taste deterioration. When these fruit or vegetables are used in cream cheese the resulting flavored cream cheese product is not like a fresh made reference.
The fruit and vegetable preparation industry is aware of this quality gap and constantly trying to optimize their processing and formula conditions. However, the quality of all micro-stable preparations provided today is not like the quality of fresh produce, for example: the crunchy bite experience with paprika and tomato; the color appearance of fresh green herbs or red berries. View more Needs like this on our Managed Innovation Gallery.


Key Success Criteria
The proposed technology should:
  • Deliver intact fruit or vegetable particles with bite texture and fresher taste when used in cream cheese
  • Produce fruit or vegetables suitable for use in an acidified preparation with a pH < 4,5
  • Provide microbiologically clean products i.e. with micro counts: < 10 / g for TVC, Yeast / Mold and lactobacilli and neg. /1g for all potential pathogenic bacteria
  • Work with preparations in clean bulk containers for easy and safe industrial use (> 250 kg, pressurized/locked seal openings)
  • Be chilled stable for > 3 months and enabling us to make a flavored cream cheese with more than 3 months chilled shelf life
  • Comply with EU food regulation for processes and functional ingredients use
Possible Approaches
The proposed technology could:
  • Apply innovative preservation or functional ingredients in the recipe to enable more effective bacteria inactivation through minimal heat processing
  • If needed apply innovative functional ingredients or formula design to ensure no residual enzyme activities
  • Apply functional ingredients which preserve texture or color
  • Apply and further develop smart bulk packaging effectively preserved from outside via i.e. High Pressure Preservation or autoclaving or other new pasteurization technologies
Approaches not of interest
  • Preparations with very high salt contents
  • Solely HPP technology treated product with residual enzyme activity risk
  • Preparations pasteurized or sterilized significantly above 75°C for more than 10 min
Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Contract Research
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Supply Agreement
  • To Be Negotiated
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Stephen Clulow
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  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Family & Consumer Products & Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
Mondelēz International
Due Date
May 27, 2017
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