This Gallery is specifically for the submission and review of technologies that can go into the manufacture and selling of the products that fit within the portfolio of brands owned by Mondelēz International. If you have ideas for new product variants, flavors, portion sizes, new uses for or recipes that contain our products, marketing or promotional ideas... or just want to let us know about a suggestion you have concerning our current portfolio of products, CLICK HERE to send an email to the Mondelēz International customer careline and select the subject of ""Comments"".


Q: This Gallery is different to the previous process for handling the submission of new technical ideas to Mondelēz International. Do I need to re-register on the new website and who do I contact for follow-ups?


A: If your idea was submitted on or before 7th Feb 2014 and you have not heard from Mondelēz International, then your idea is still under active review and a representative of the Technical teams at Mondelēz International will contact you shortly.

If your idea was submitted on or after the 8th Feb 2014 through this Gallery you will already have registered on this site and you will be contacted by the moderator as described on the Mondelēz International's Featured Needs Gallery homepage.


Forms of Collaboration With Mondelēz International

We recognize that every collaboration and partnership agreement with external innovators is unique to the innovation and parties involved. As a partner of choice for many innovators, here are some common ways we work together to commercialize ideas:


Patent/trademark licensing or purchase

Where innovators have existing patent or trademark protections, Mondelēz International may enter into licensing agreements or outright purchases of the patent or trademark.


Joint development agreements

Where innovators have unique and potentially protectable ideas, Mondelēz International may enter into joint development agreements or other collaboration agreements whereby the innovator's ideas may be protected for our exclusive use, perhaps jointly owned, with Mondelēz International underwriting the patent protection efforts.



Where innovators have unique capabilities that can be utilized to meet our needs, Mondelēz International may enter into an alliance or partnership where the complementary strengths of each partner are applied to drive value for both companies and a win for our consumers.


Possible Compensation to You

If Mondelēz International is interested in using your innovation or working with you to develop your solution and the innovation is protected - or protectable - by a patent or copyright, we may negotiate with you for license rights or another more appropriate agreement. Your compensation will be determined as a part of those negotiations. If Mondelēz International is interested in using your idea and it is NOT protected (or protectable) by a patent or copyright, but is new to Mondelēz International and we adopt it, Mondelēz International may, at its sole discretion, grant you a nominal award. In no case will that nominal award exceed 5,000 $US.