Innovation is key in helping us deliver the delight that you expect from your favorite Kraft & Heinz brands. There's also a lot of science that sits behind our products. We pride ourselves on the Research and Development that helps us solve the scientific challenges we face in some of these areas and against the backdrop of our brands. Our teams work hard to find and nurture solutions; The Kraft Heinz Company is the place for ideas to grow.

We recognize that new ideas and innovation can come from many sources, and that there are great ideas out there in other business sectors. We further recognize that these solutions may reside across the continuum from individual inventors to other multi-nationals and all the way in between. We're looking for new ways to develop these ideas, to enhance and accelerate our innovation and speed to market, and to create partnerships where all involved succeed.


We look forward to working together to help you achieve your goals and grow your ideas, while helping us to fulfill our vision of making brands that make amazing happen.

If you have a suggestion such as for a new flavor, package design, or recipe, please click here and use the “Contact Us” feature to submit your ideas to the KraftHeinz Consumer Relations team.





Pam Semanik 


Pamela Semanik
Program Manager,



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