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KLM Schiphol Automated Baggage Handling Challenge: 


Baggage handling is an important aspect in air travel. After the passenger has checked in, the Baggage is transported from the terminal to the airplane and after landing it is transported from the airplane to the Baggage conveyor belts to be picked up by the passengers. Baggage Handling is currently carried out manually, which is time consuming, and is considered heavy labor.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport are constantly striving to improve both the human factor as well as efficiency, and believe that new technologies can be a breakthrough in Baggage Handling. The goal of this challenge is to find proposals for baggage handling systems to carry out this process fully automated.




About this Challenge


NineSigma, representing the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, seeks submissions for Automated Baggage Handling Systems to transport Baggage from the airport facilities to the airplanes and back. The submissions should improve upon current approaches by avoiding manual interference and improving Baggage throughput.


KLM and Schiphol's current Baggage Handling System can be seen below:







For definitions and images, please click here.



A maximum of four respondents, one per category, will be awarded cash prizes up to €10,000 each. Prize winning respondents will be invited to execute pilot projects with KLM and Schiphol.


Successful pilot projects can result in supplier negotiations with KLM and/or Schiphol for acquisition of up to 30 Automated Baggage Handling Systems. Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to market and demonstrate successful solutions (together with KLM and Schiphol) to other airports.





Success Criteria


KLM and Schiphol are looking for Baggage Handling proposals that are able to address one or more of these categories, and with the following properties:

  • Does not damage Baggage
  • Has sufficient speed – as mentioned in Challenge Summary
  • Including safety measures to protect workers
  • Credible partner with relevant capabilities and track record
  • Can be demonstrated in a pilot project
  • Can be up and running in 2 to 4 years




Participants in this challenge will submit proposals for Automated Baggage Handling Systems for one or more of the four categories of this Challenge.  The proposal submission will serve as the official entry in this Challenge. The submission should contain a non-confidential introduction to the respondent's handling concept, background and expertise. See Terms and Conditions for details.



For complete information, including possible approaches, please click here.


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