Machine Learning for Cars

Request Number N772165
Need details

In order to fully and safely implement autonomous vehicles, IncWell's partner seeks Al/machine learning technologies.



In order to handle the amounts of data generated during autonomous vehicle operation and up-to-minute navigation information, machine learning is a necessary component for operator safety and security.


The technology can be used for:

  • Environmental detection/awareness
  • Route planning
  • Path planning
  • Trajectory planning 


Key Success Criteria
  • Validated solutions in real world conditions
  • Identification of objects in near field view & far field view: system must correctly identify object as well as know the position relative to the vehicle
  • Route, path and trajectory planning in constrained & un-constrained environments
  • Low processing power requirements
  • Learning methodology
  • Minimum TRL 5
Possible Approaches

IncWell is interested in all potential solutions.


Approaches not of interest



Preferred Collaboration types
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

When responding to this request, please be sure to provide a non-confidential description of the simulation technology you propose along with information regarding your alignment with the Key Success Criteria as well as your desired business relationship with IncWell's partner.


Point of Contact
Jonathan Jakischa
Area of Interest
  • Computer Software
  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Databases
  • Information Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems
Due Date
January 15, 2018
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