Sensor Suite for 360 Degree Visibility

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IncWell's partner is looking for new technologies that can cost effectively assist with machine vision in a near field and far field view.



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), otherwise known as Autonomous Vehicles, are growing in complexity with real-world testing in the near future. To achieve this goal of a fully automated driving experience, innovative sensor suites are required. ADAS systems for Level 3 and Level 4 autonomy will require a range of sensors to create a full 360 degree view around the vehicle (click here for a definition of Level 3 and Level 4 autonomy). This can be implemented using a combination of sensors, communication and data processing.


While there are technologies capable of providing the desired functionality (LIDAR, for instance), they tend to be costly and some require roof mounting, which is neither aerodynamic nor attractive.



Key Success Criteria
  • New sensor technologies for 360 degree visibility
  • Field of View:
    • Near field: <10 meters around vehicle
    • Far field: 10-100m+
  • Full vehicle sensor cost target < $100 in high volume (> 1 million per year)
  • Minimum TRL 3


IncWell's partner is interested in receiving proposals focused on either the Near Field View or the Far Field View while solutions that can combine both views are most of interest.


Possible Approaches

IncWell's partner is open all approaches capable of achieving the performance criteria above.


Approaches not of interest
  • roof-mounted systems, such as LIDAR



Preferred Collaboration types
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

When responding to this request, please be sure to provide a non-confidential description of the simulation technology you propose along with information regarding your alignment with the Key Success Criteria as well as your desired business relationship with IncWell's partner.


Point of Contact
Jonathan Jakischa
Area of Interest
  • Electronics & Electronic Components
  • Electrical Products
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing
Due Date
December 29, 2017
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