Seeking New Uses for Sustainably Manufactured Structural Products 


Tolko Industries LTD has developed a unique process that allows them to tailor the strength characteristics of a forest product derived material to meet the specifications of a wide variety of products outside the construction and furniture industries.   Tolko Industries LTD is interested in evaluating the size and strength specifications for products from any industry that is interested in replacing their current materials with renewable materials made from sustainably managed forests.


Technology Overview:

The product (Oriented Strand Board or OSB) is manufactured using pieces of wood that are bonded and pressed into sheets of various size and thickness.   Traditionally, it (OSB) has been used in the construction and furniture industries, but Tolko’s unique manufacturing process and the ease of cutting into different sizes makes it adaptable to a variety of industries.         


Benefits Summary:

  • Sustainably manufactured from managed forests
  • Can be engineered to match the strength and size characteristics of a variety of materials
  • May be able to replace petroleum, metal or other materials
  • Cost-effective
  • Tolko offers to evaluate whether or not OSB is a suitable replacement for current materials


Development Status Summary:

The new manufacturing process is fully operational and can produce 600mm square feet of OSB/year.   Tolko has a deep understanding of the material’s properties and can rapidly assess the suitability of OSB as substitutes for other materials. 


Potential Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Boat manufacturing
  • Recreational vehicles and trailers
  • Garden products
    • Fences, trellises, arbors, planters
  • Sports equipment
  • Skis, surfboards, bicycles, skateboards,
  • Structural stiffeners for shoes   


To Respond to this Technology Offer:

Please use the Respond Button at the top of the page if you are interested in learning more about Tolko’s OSB product capabilities and/or want Tolko to evaluate whether or not their material is well suited to your application.  In addition to your contact information, you may include a concise non-confidential summary of your product and its application (Optional).