Structurlam has developed a new patented wall system that provides an innovative, renewable alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete and steel. Structurlam’s EcoStructure wall system can be made from underutilized wood species which creates a high-value and eco-friendly building product. EcoStructure is a cross-laminated timber (CLT)-based structural product that has been used in place of concrete in over 70 commercial and industrial buildings since 2011.   The EcoStructure system offers equivalent strength at significant cost and weight savings over concrete, and the surface can be finished to give a much more aesthetically pleasing natural wood appearance compared to concrete. EcoStructure walls can achieve up to a 2 hour fire rating and are therefore a safe, effective, sustainable and cost-competitive alternative to concrete for commercial and industrial construction.


Structurlam is looking for Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Owners who are interested in contacting them to learn more about this product. Please respond to this offer if you are interested in having Structurlam explain how their EcoStructure system can meet the needs of your construction project.  If you are interested in replacing concrete with a renewable material made from sustainably managed forests, please use the Respond Button at the top of this page and NineSigma will connect you with a Structurlam representative.  All inquiries are encouraged.


Technology Overview:

The Structurlam wall system has the advantages of CLT with enhanced features such as flexible panel thickness, and custom interior and exterior finishes using a variety of hardwood and softwood species.  Structurlam’s manufacturing processes increases fiber efficiency and reduces waste, making the panels both efficient and cost-effective.  The wall system is delivered to the construction site ready to install which saves time and money over concrete construction.


Benefits Summary:

  • Sustainably manufactured from managed forest
  • Lightweight replacement for concrete used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster to install than concrete
    • Panels are prefabricated at Structurlam’s factory
    • Milled to an accuracy of <1mm
    • Delivered to construction site ready to install
    • No temporary concrete forms to assemble and disassemble
    • No concrete truck traffic
    • Eliminates set time for concrete
  • Aesthetically more pleasing than concrete
  • Meets fire safety standards
  • Engineered to match the strength and size characteristics of a variety of construction projects
  • Structurlam offers to evaluate whether or not their product is a suitable replacement for concrete


To Respond to this Technology Offer:

Please use the Respond Button at the top of the page if you are interested in learning more about Structurlam’s product capabilities and/or want Structurlam to evaluate whether or not their material is well suited to your application.  In addition to your contact information, you may include a concise non-confidential summary of your product and its application (Optional).