Seeking New Markets for a Renewable, Lightweight, and Structural Wood Composite Core



Corruven Inc. has developed a strong, yet lightweight composite core material made from renewable and sustainable forest products. The core material can be molded into complex shapes and the surface of the core can be laminated to achieve the finished look and feel of wood, metal or plastic surfaces. 


Corruven is exploring new market applications for this versatile product. Let us know if you are interested in having Corruven Inc. evaluate whether or not our material can improve your product application.  If you are interested in replacing your current materials with renewable materials, made from sustainably managed forests, click on the Respond Button at the top of this page and NineSigma will connect you with a Corruven representative. Even if you don’t know if or how our products can help, we still welcome your inquiry. 


Technology Overview:


The patented Corruven® Core is made from natural wood fibers bonded together using a proprietary eco-friendly glue to produce a strong, yet lightweight corrugated shape. The core material is produced at the company’s plant in Canada. The Corruven® Core is manufactured in various product groups based on market requirements and is shipped in a “nested” fashion to cut transport costs. 


Product: Corruven® Core


The variations between product groups are strength of wood fibers, choice of liners, and resin content. Currently, the three main product groups are:










For packaging applications. Low density wood and recycled liner.

For furniture and decorative applications. Medium density wood and stronger liner.

For structural and exterior applications. High strength wood with a thin glass fiber liner.


Product: Strong lightweight panels

For panel manufacturing, the company developed its VERTIcorrTM product line, which is produced using corrDECO or corrBUILD. VERTIcorrTM provides design freedom, cost effective solutions, high tolerances, and higher performance.


Panels made with VERTIcorrTM are up to 40 times stronger than paper honeycomb and Styrofoam yet up to 75% lighter than plywood, particleboard, MDF or OSB. The cell size can be varied based on customer requirements.


VERTIcorrTM with skins (i.e. plywood, MDF)

VERTIcorrTM with veil for structural bonding

VERTIcorrTM in curved panels


For decorative and semi structural applications. Multiple types of skins available.

For structural and composite applications. Alternative to aluminium and balsa core.

For curved elements applications. Cost effective solution for high quality panels.


Benefits Summary

Corruven aims to use resources in a smarter way:

  • Light and strong
  • Cost-effective
  • Fabricated with renewable materials
  • Can be engineered to match the strength and size characteristics of a variety of materials
  • Sustainably manufactured from managed forests
  • May be able to replace petroleum, metal or other materials
  • Lower transport cost and emissions due to “nesting”
  • Corruven will evaluate whether or not any of these products can replace materials currently in use


Opportunities and Development Status:

Corruven is interested in partnerships with established companies to find new markets for their core material. Such companies may be interested in using the core material for already established uses, or partners/clients looking for new solutions to structural problems. Corruven has the capacity to laminate and supply finished product, but usually works closely with partnering companies to provide those services.


Corruven has a deep understanding of the core material’s properties and can rapidly assess the suitability of its material as a substitute for other materials.  Corruven products are currently used to make furniture, packaging and building materials but are compatible with a wide variety of uses that require a strong, lightweight structure. Those include, but are not limited to industries such as:


  • Residential and commercial construction (e.g. Replacement for steel decking)
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Sports and recreation
  • Recreational vehicles and trailers
  • Furniture
  • Packaging
  • Applications to replace plywood, particleboard, MDF, OSB, Honeycomb, Styrofoam


To Respond to this Technology Offer:

Please use the Respond Button at the top of the page if you are interested in learning more about Corruven’s product capabilities and/or want Corruven to evaluate whether or not its material is well suited to your application.  In addition to your contact information, you may include a concise non-confidential summary of your product and its application (Optional).