Challenge  II 



Challenge II Winners

Under Armour, the NFL and GE have announced three Final Winners of Head Health Challenge II. Each award winner has received additional funding to advance their work to better protect against brain injury. 

The stories behind the seven Round 1 winning entries ($500,000 funding each) and their pioneering efforts in this field are showcased in our video archive>>


Learn more about the Final Winners by viewing videos on their work below:

Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen, MD— Army Research Laboratory created rate-dependent tethers that allow free motion at low speeds, but provide high force resistance during high-speed events. ARL proposes using these smart materials to connect the head to the torso, allowing voluntary head movement during sports action, while minimizing sudden accelerations caused by high speed collisions, often associated with concussions. 


University of Washington, Seattle, WA— University of Washington is developing a football helmet that boasts a novel impact absorbing structure that mitigates forces associated with head injury. 


Viconic Sporting, Detroit, MI— Viconic Sporting developed an underlayer for synthetic turf systems that will make fields safer for those who play on them. Viconic's technology is widely used for impact management in the automotive and sporting industries and in the U.S. Military. Viconic will further explore the relationship between optimized head impact protection and the frequency of lower limb injuries in an effort to provide the synthetic turf industry a tool to specify systems that maximize player safety and minimize safety costs.