Equipment to release gas to allow for the calibration of existing gas sensor

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GSK would like to have a equipment/device to accurately release HFa134a in linear and consistent rate covering a range of 0.5mg to 40mg per day in order to calibrate existing detection equipment.



Figure 1: Picture showing conveyor and can setup

Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDI) are used by patients suffering from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. pMDIs contain small aluminum cans of drug suspended in the CFC-free propellant HFa134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane).


Our objective is to continuously improve the quality of our products. For this purpose, we are seeking a solution to accurately release HFA134a at specific and consistent leak rate, to represent a leaking filled pMDI can. The method to release HFa134a will be used to calibrate and check an existing laser based detection equipment.


We are seeking equipment that can represent a HFA134a filled pMDI cans that can leak at specific linear and consistent leakage rate from 0.5-40 mg/day. Target is to have a standard certified to qualify the existing equipment (ensure that calibration is right) and check in routine (// weight standard)


Key Success Criteria
  • Work with HFA134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane)
  • Leakage rates of 0.5-40 mg/day (Will accept solution from 0.8 to 20mg/day)
  • Certificate of conformance from a competent authority
  • The solution will need to be able to precisely release a known quantity of HFA134a to be capable of calibrating and checking the performance of an existing detection method.
  • The intention is that the solution will enable the calibration of the detection method in-situ and so the solution will need to fit within an existing pocket on a packaging line of the following dimensions – (See Fig 1 above.)
    • Diameter - 20 +/- 2 mm
    • Height - 45- 70 mm
  • The solution will be suitable to operate in an environment at 20 deg C +/- 1,
  • The solution will need to release a consistent rate of 20mg/24. 
  • Expected Benchtop performance are below in Fig 2.

Figure 2 Table capturing the desired benchtop solution performance


  • For the on line system, detection of a leak rate 1.23mg/day (854ng/mn) at 140 cans/mn, level of detection is 1 ppb in 300ms



Possible Approaches

GSK is interested in all possible solutions that can meet the requirements.


Approaches not of interest
Preferred Collaboration types
  • Supply Agreement
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted
  • A non-confidential description of the technology
  • Written proposal outlining how you intend to address
  • Proposal outlining a Feasibility study to test against the existing detection method
  • Scientific reference papers
Point of Contact
Stephen Clulow
Area of Interest
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Industrial Design
  • Computer Software
  • Electronics & Electronic Components
  • Environmental Services
  • Family & Consumer Products & Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Materials Processing
  • Medical Products & Services
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research Organizations
  • Universities & Colleges
Due Date
December 20, 2017
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