Step 1 About the Grand Challenge

This CAD$35 million multi-stage Challenge seeks a net reduction of green house gases (GHGs) of at least 1 megatonne annually through technologies that convert GHG emissions into valuable carbon-based products.

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Watch these two videos to learn more about the CCEMC Grand Challenge and CCEMC’s commitment to reducing GHGs:

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Step 2 How to Submit

Applicants interested in submitting a proposal for Round Two will need to demonstrate both technical strength in achieving 1 megatonne net reductions in GHGs annually and a strong plan for implementation with resulting business success. Round Two submissions should propose technologies that have already been developed and have the potential for commercialization in Alberta by 2020.

Specific focus areas for this challenge include, but are not limited to:

  • Technologies or processes that produce high value goods from carbon dioxide
  • Technologies that fix captured carbon into solid or readily transportable starting materials
  • High-value materials with high carbon content that could be produced from carbon dioxide
  • Biological processes that capture/consume carbon dioxide and convert it into a new viable product (e.g., oils from algae)

The five winners of Round 2 will each receive a $3 million CAD development grant and two years to demonstrate their technology in Alberta.  One of the five Round 2 winners will be selected to win the Round 3 grand prize of $10 million CAD in commercialization grants.

**The Round 2, Phase 1 Submission Deadline has changed**

  • Process

    Round 2, Phase 1  will be open to new submissions September, 2015 – February 1, 2016.  Selected proponents will be invited to submit full proposals in Phase 2, June - July, 2016.

  • Criteria

    Round 2 submissions will be evaluated for technical and business merit by CCEMC’s evaluation committee, using the criteria provided here.

  • Award

    Round 2 of this Grand Challenge offers a total of $15 million CAD in development funding.

  • Advisory Panel

    Meet the Executive Advisory Panel who will be collaborating with the CCEMC's evaluation committee to select awardees during this Round of the Grand Challenge.

  • Terms,
    & Conditions

    Learn how you can participate while retaining all of your intellectual property. Find out about eligibility, confidentiality, and submission requirements.