Join the challenge to reengineer aquaculture for sustainability to achieve a Blue Revolution for our Oceans.


Aquaculture has great potential to contribute to food security, nutrition, livelihoods and economic growth.  But if the industry's growth is at the expense of ocean health and conservation, then developing counties will not harvest long term social and economic benefits.  


The AU$3 million challenge calls for innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, NGOs and academics to rethink advances in aquaculture to provide solutions that ensure both sustainable development and environmental sustainability.  






NineSigma is proud to support this non-profit initiative to find solutions to three important issues of aquaculture:

Challenge 1 - Rethinking Feed for Aquaculture

Create highly nutritional aquaculture feed replacement that match or improve on the cost and nutritional performance of existing feedstock, while reducing the burden on the natural environment.


Challenge 2 - New Ocean Products

Create new ocean products that vastly expand the diversity, sustainability, and quality of aquaculture products to meet growing food security needs while decreasing aquaculture's environmental footprint.


Challenge 3 - Sustainable Design

Introduce new designs, methodologies, products and other innovations that are financially and environmentally sustainable, scalable, and will dramatically improve the efficiencey of aquaculture farms therby improving productivity, livelihoods, and market value.  



For additional information on each of these Challenges, please visit the Challenges Overview on the Blue Economy Challenge website.  



AU$750,000 will be awarded for solutions in the following two (2) categories:

Design and Validation (up to AU$250,000)

Positioning for Scale (AU$250,000-750,000)


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February 29, 2016 - Challenge Opens

June 30, 2016 - Applications Close and Review

August 2016 - Virtual Pitch Session

September-October 2016 - Final Winners Announced



You must complete and submit the online application by June 30, 2016 23:59, Canberra, Australia time zone (GMT +11)  


If you have questions, please email or visit the FAQ page on the Blue Economy Challenge website.