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Together, Let's Reinvent Dairy !



Together, Let's Reinvent Dairy !



We are Agropur cooperative, Canada’s largest dairy cooperative processor, owned by 3,367 proud farmers. We focus on producing and selling dairy products, including fresh milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and milk powders and protein blends and much more.  We think dairy is extraordinary. We also believe we need to reinvent dairy. With this challenge, we are seeking impactful new products that expand, sustain, and reinvigorate the use of dairy.


Bring us your bold proposal, access Agropur's great team and industry leading falicities. We are offering various resources to help the development of a new dairy solution to be ready for the market. Our team has a long history of dairy product development and can assist in defining processes to manufacture food or beverages at commercial scale. We will work with each selected participant of this challenge in the development of their concepts to achieve prototype stage in time for the presentation at Agropur's internal annual tasting exposition on or about April 2017.


We invite you to work with us to create tomorrow’s dairy food and beverage solutions. Let’s challenge convention and give consumers a chance to discover exciting new possibilities. Together, let’s reinvent dairy!  









Agropur invites innovators around the world to submit their innovative proposals for dairy food or beverage solutions for consideration.  Agropur’s team has a long history of dairy product development and can assist in defining processes to manufacture food or beverages at commercial scale.  Agropur will work with each selected participant to achieve prototype stage in time for the annual tasting exposition (the Event) on or about April 2017. 


For prototypes that receive favorable review at the Event, Agropur may continue to collaborate with the selected participant to develop the path to commercial readiness.  


See the Challenge Summary for full details.





Phase 1 – Between one (1) and four (4) submissions will be selected, and each selected participant will receive a cash award of CAD$15,000 for the development of a prototype of the proposed solution, subject to the conditions enumerated in the Official Terms and Conditions of the Challenge.


Phase 2 – Agropur and its partners in Montreal will offer each selected participant, non-cash resources in the form of access to consulting, pilot plants, a desk in the Quartier de l’Innovation of Montreal and technical support to enable prototype creation as well as business development consulting with AG-Bio Centre. Development of the prototype in Montreal is not mandatory, however,each selected participant who provides Agropur with progression reports throughout Phase 2 and presents a performing prototype at the Event will receive an additional cash award of CAD$10,000$. 


Phase 3 – If the prototype is selected at the Event, the selected participant will be invited to discuss a possible business relationship for the commercialization of the product.










Agropur will evaluate proposed solutions by considering the following criteria.  The proposed solution :

  • Offers North-American consumers a new way to experience dairy
  • Solves real consumer need(s)
  • Promotes one or more of the following themes :
    • Consumer health and nutrition
    • Pleasure and indulgence
    • Sustainability
    • Enhancement of culinary experience
    • Convenience
  • Has a path to achieve prototypes for evaluation and testing by April 2017
  • Has a path to commercialization
  • For food or beverage solutions, uses a significant percentage of dairy component



See Terms and Conditions for details. Must submit at least one entry by 5:00pm Eastern Time on December 7, 2016 to be eligible.  Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.  



Kevin Andrews



Kevin Andrews, Ph.D.
Senior Program Manager


Questions?  Please email for assistance.




Nicolas MARIE

Nicolas MARIE
Senior Vice-President Strategic Sourcing and Development




Vice-President R&D


Caroline MIRON


Caroline MIRON

Director Incubator and Open Innovation