To sustain one‘s competitive advantage, a company needs to reduce development times and often that means finding solution from outside the company in other fields. Innovation Contests enable a sponsoring company to quickly identify a community of innovators who can focus on their specific technology challenge and provide solutions that can be acted upon, including working prototypes.

An Innovation Contest employs integrated marketing and PR elements to signal to the global innovation community that the sponsoring company is committed to advancing their technology solutions and is open to collaboration.

Advanced Microelectronics Design & Prototype Challenge

Sponsored by Air Force Research Labs in partnership with AFWERX Vegas
Status: Phase 1 Winners Announced

This Challenge is seeking successfully designed and silicon-validated Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and System on a Chip (SoC) solutions using advanced process technology nodes.

Consider Corn Challenge II

Sponsored by The National Corn Growers Association
Status: Winners Announced

The National Corn Growers Association invites proposals for new uses of field corn as a feedstock for producing sustainable chemicals with quantifiable market demand. 

Transforming the Future of Self-Care Challenge

Sponsored by GSK Consumer Healthcare
Status: Winners Announced

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is seeking new opportunities in the following three Challenge Topics:  Digital Health, At-Home Diagnostics, and Formulation Technologies

Recycling in Space Challenge

Sponsored by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Status: Winners Announced

NASA seeks proposals for technologies and systems that will, in a microgravity environment, store & transfer logistical mission waste to a thermal processing unit for decomposition. NASA is interested in proposals for all technologies capable of meeting the desired performance criteria and proposals from all qualified respondents, including university students.

GE Aviation Assemblies Innovation Challenge

Sponsored by General Electric
Status: Winners Announced

General Electric invites proposals for technologies, processes or methods to ensure that B-nut fitting assemblies are properly assembled and leak-proof.

New Business Use Case Contest for ASAHI KASEI Sensing Technology

Sponsored by Asahi Kasei Corporation
Status: Winners Announced

Asahi Kasei Co. (headquartered in Japan) invites novel business ideas or unique use-case scenarios to be enabled by their globally best-in-class position estimation and activity recognition technologies.

Alternative Manufacturing of Castings Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

The objective of the Competition is to identify alternative (novel and non-mainstream) manufacturing methods to investment castings which will improve upon current processes while maintaining and/or improving quality and reliability, with specific focus on transformative and emerging technologies early stage techniques.

KLM Schiphol Automated Baggage Handling Challenge

Sponsored by KLM and Schiphol
Status: Winners Announced

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport are striving to improve both the human factor as well as efficiency, and believe that new technologies can be a breakthrough in baggage handling. The goal of this challenge is to find proposals for baggage handling systems in order to carry out this process fully automated.

New Helium Applications Contest

Sponsored by Praxair
Status: Winners Announced

Praxair, a leader in industrial gases, is seeking new & innovative uses for helium. The goal of this project is to expand the helium market through the development of new applications.

Waste Heat Recovery Contest

Sponsored by PKN ORLEN
Status: Winners Announced

Conserving energy is an absolute necessity for all industries. PKN ORLEN has made optimal use of the high-grade waste heat sources in their refinery in Plock (Poland). However, the heat lost through the air coolers at the top of the distillation column still needs a solution. The goal of this project is to find waste heat recovery technologies that can operate with low-grade heat.

Intelligent Energy Management Challenge

Sponsored by Swedish Energy Agency
Status: Winners Announced

The Swedish Energy Agency together with Swedish Municipalities of Arvika, Eskilstuna, Gothenberg, Herrljunga and Uppsala, seek submissions for Intelligent Energy Management solutions that manage the energy infrastructure of buildings, in order to increase the self consumption of produced solar energy.

Cool Ship Technologies Contest

Sponsored by The Hershey Company
Status: Winners Announced

NineSigma, representing The Hershey Company, seeks to identify new systems or materials that will allow chocolate to be shipped in warm weather without the need for gel packs. 

The Blue Economy Challenge

Sponsored by DFAT/InnovationXchange, WWF, ConservationXLabs and SecondMuse
Status: Winners Announced

NineSigma is proud to support this non-profit initiative to find solutions to three important issues of aquaculture:  1) Rethinking feed for aquaculture 2) New ocean products and 3) Sustainable design.  Click below to learn more about the  Blue Economy Challenge website. 

CooperVision Science & Technology Award Program

Sponsored by CooperVision
Status: Winners Announced

CooperVision is dedicated to raising the bar on product excellence and creating the next generation of contact lenses. The goal of the Award Program is to bring award recipients and CooperVision scientists together to explore new areas of technology advancement.

Lighting without a Bulb Contest

Sponsored by Corning and OLEDWorks
Status: Winners Announced

Corning Incorporated and OLEDWorks invite design proposals for OLED lighting applications that highlight the special features of OLED technology: thin form factors, low weight lighting elements, cool to touch, and high light quality.

Unimpossible Missions

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

GE challenges University students to make the impossible unimpossible ? select a common expression or idiom ? and then describe an experiment that disproves it.

Insulated Pressure Vessel Inspection Contest

Sponsored by Statoil ASA
Status: Winners Announced

Statoil operates numerous onshore and offshore facilities, and has a long tradition of being a frontrunner when it comes to the piloting and implementation of new technology.  NineSigma representing Statoil is seeking proposals for non-intrusive inspection technologies for Insulated Pressure Vessels. 

Bathroom in a Day Challenge

Sponsored by Mitros
Status: Winners Announced

Mitros, a Dutch social housing corporation based in the city of Utrecht, invites proposals for innovative approaches that can substantially accelerate the renovation process of bathrooms in social apartments and houses.

Together, Let’s Reinvent Dairy!

Sponsored by Agropur
Status: Winners Announced

NSF Hearables Challenge

Sponsored by The National Science Foundation
Status: Winners Announced

While some hearable technologies can enhance hearing, there are situations where these technologies do not perform optimally.  The goal of the NSF Hearables Challenge is to demonstrate solutions that improve hearing in noisy settings, such as restaurants.  

HeadHealthTECH Challenges 

Sponsored by Hosted by the National Football League (NFL) and Football Research, Inc. (FRI), and managed by Duke University's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (Duke CTSI)
Status: Winners Announced

TECH Challenge IV invites proposals focused on helmet technologies and all surfaces that helmets may contact, including turf, grass, other helmets, opponent shoulder pads and other padding.

Consider Corn Challenge

Sponsored by The National Corn Growers Association
Status: Winners Announced

The National Corn Growers Association invites proposals for new uses of field corn as a feedstock for producing sustainable chemicals which have market demand.

Water and Process Technologies Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

This Challenge seeks 3D design submissions for novel means of connecting the components of a plastic central tube assembly. Designs should improve upon current system limitations by reducing the number of components, improving ease of installation and reducing the cost of the overall system.

GE + Aramco Entrepreneurship Center ecomagination Challenge

Sponsored by GE and Aramco Entrepreneurship Center
Status: Winners Announced

GE ecomagination and Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, a world leader in energy production, are committed to meeting real-world efficiency challenges as they evolve and intensify.

Industrial Solutions Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

The goal of the Industrial Solutions Challenge is to design an innovative, attractive, user-friendly, ergonomic rotary handle accessory for GE's molded case circuit (MCC) breaker.

The Armour39 Challenge

Sponsored by Under Armour
Status: Winners Announced

The goal of this Challenge is to identify fun, innovative and compelling technologies that will expand the capabilities of Armour39 - a first-of-its-kind performance monitoring system for athletes.

3D Printing Production Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

GE seeks to identify entities with high end 3D printing or additive manufacturing capabilities for creation of complex parts with high precision. Such parts may eventually be used in medical imaging equipment or other products.

Sustainable & Effective Packaging Challenge

Sponsored by Scientists Without Borders in partnership with The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science at the New York Academy of Sciences and Sight and Life
Status: Winners Announced

The goal of this Challenge is to source novel ideas for reducing or eliminating the ecological consequences of MNP packaging to deliver MNPs in a more sustainable and ecologically sensitive way that might also contribute to scaling-up their usage.

NextChallenge: Smart Cities 2017

Sponsored by Wells Fargo, NextEnergy, DENSO, and DTE Energy
Status: Winners Announced

NineSigma is proud to support the 2nd annual initiative to find and demonstrate smart city technology solutions addressing one or more of the following technology needs: 1) Smart Parking, 2) Smart Mobility, 3) Smart Infrastructure, and 4) Smart Buildings.

Reinvent Your Spirit! Challenge

Sponsored by Diageo North America, Inc.
Status: Winners Announced

Diageo invites participants to submit proposals for novel methods and mechanisms to achieve a multisensory alcohol 'shot' experience in vodka.

Dispense Your Genius Contest

Sponsored by AptarGroup Inc.
Status: Winner Announced

Aptar invites participants to submit proposals for novel methods and mechanisms to achieve a revolutionary way of dispensing viscous food products, such as sauces and condiments, that can also withstand supply chain challenges related to e-commerce.

Gun Safety Matters Challenge

Sponsored by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Status: Winners Announced

The VA is seeking novel and effective approaches for a tangible device or system that offers enhanced gun safety mechanisms to be used voluntarily by a Veteran or trusted friend or family member to prevent suicide, injury, and accidents.

GE's Aviation Inspection Technologies Challenge: High Accuracy, High Throughput Inspection Technologies Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

GE Aviation seeks technologies, processes, or approaches that can increase the speed and accuracy of inspecting high precision aircraft engine parts.

NASA HUB Challenge II: In-Situ Materials

Sponsored by NASA
Status: Winners Announced

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks solutions to utilize surface-based materials like regolith (crushed basalt rock) for Earth and space fabrication and construction applications.


Sponsored by NASA Tournament Lab
Status: Challenge I and II Winners Announced

The NASA Challenges leverage open innovation, advancing visionary aspirations for life in space, and interplanetary travel.  NineSigma is proud to partner with the NASA Tournament Lab to find innovations that will reshape what we see as possible today in the world of space exploration and habitation.