We define a Grand Challenge as a broad engagement with the public to identify break through transformative technology development opportunities. A Grand Challenge has a compelling prize strategy and integrated PR and marketing and is a powerful tool for raising broad awareness among multiple audiences. As the world‘s most experienced and advanced open innovation provider, we‘ve been managing, motivating, and interfacing with technical communities for years. Check out our Grand Challenges below for more details!

NASA Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2

Sponsored by BHP, Space Center Houston, NASA Centennial Challenges
Status: Under Review

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, seeks to engage with interested and dedicated computer programmers and roboticists who have a keen desire to automate exploration and resource collection on other worlds.

K+S Brine Challenge

Sponsored by K+S
Status: Winners Announced

K+S seeks innovative materials, coatings or any other material technology that can strongly reduce brine production and/or protect large potash tailings piles from rainfall. The solutions ideally allow for permanent reduction/elimination of brine run-off.

Air Liquide Scientific Challenge

Sponsored by Air Liquide
Status: Winners Announced

Air Liquide is looking to contribute, in collaboration with the scientific community, to a more sustainable world through Essential Small Molecules. That’s why the #2018 Air Liquide Scientific Challenge is focused on 3 topics related to improving air quality for the people and fighting climate change for the planet.

Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

Sponsored by The Ohio Third Frontier
Status: Winners Announced

The Ohio Third Frontier invites submissions for technology ideas to alleviate the national opioid crisis. We are asking for solutions that address prevention, treatment, overdose avoidance, or overdose response.

Material Recovery Challenge

Sponsored by Nike Inc.
Status: Winner Announced

Nike is calling on innovators around the world to develop new technologies to help transform retired footwear into pure material streams for recycling.

Nike Ease Challenge

Sponsored by Nike
Status: Winner Announced

The Nike Ease Challenge focuses on designing a new, innovative footwear solution that provides a more hands-free design and helps athletes of all abilities to more easily put on, secure and take off their shoes.

The BASF Energy Contest

Sponsored by BASF
Status: Winners Announced

BASF seeks to identify and develop technologies that will provide efficient, low cost, grid-scale energy storage solutions. Help us shape the future of energy storage.

CCEMC Grand Challenge

Sponsored by CCEMC
Status: Winners Announced

The CCEMC Grand Challenge is a CAD $35 million challenge designed to identify breakthrough technologies that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transforming carbon from a liability into an asset.

Essilor See Change Challenge

Sponsored by Essilor
Status: Winners Announced

Poor vision is the most common disability in the world, yet its impact on society is largely unrecognized.  As the world leader in ophthalmic optics, Essilor’s mission is to improve lives by improving sight. Through the See Change Challenge, Essilor seeks proposals for low-cost, mobile, easy to learn, easy-to-use and scalable solutions that enable measurement of eye refractive errors.

GE HealthyCities Leadership Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

GE invites local community based coalitions, which include a corporate partner, to submit proposals describing a community health improvement plan focused on their U.S.A. based community.  

Circular Materials Challenge

Sponsored by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Status: Winners Announced

As part of the New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is asking the question how can we make all plastic packaging recyclable? The Circular Materials Challenge is seeking alternatives to non-recyclable multi-material films used in packaging.

Consider Corn Challenge

Sponsored by The National Corn Growers Association
Status: Winners Announced

The National Corn Growers Association invites proposals for new uses of field corn as a feedstock for producing sustainable chemicals which have market demand.

NASA Space Robotics Challenge

Sponsored by NineSigma; Prizes by NASA Centennial Challenges; Conducted by Space Center Houston
Status: Winners Announced

The Space Robotics Challenge focuses on developing software to increase the autonomy of dexterous mobile robots in humanoid format so they can complete specific tasks on Earth, during space travel, or after landing on other planets (such as Mars).  

GE GHG Ecomagination Innovation Challenge

Sponsored by GE
Status: Winners Announced

The GE GHG Ecomagination Innovation Challenge has been established to advance technology applications that will drive environmental performance in Canada's oil sands.

The Cisco Security Grand Challenge

Sponsored by Cisco
Status: Winners Announced

The Cisco Security Grand Challenge is a global initiative set to deliver intelligent cybersecurity solutions for the real world, addressing threats before, during, and after a cyber attack. Areas of focus include malware defense, security credential management, and privacy protection.

The Innovative Sand & Water Technologies for Onshore Operations Challenge

Sponsored by GE and Statoil
Status: Winners Announced

GE and Statoil are seeking to improve the use of materials in onshore oil & gas production - reducing trucking in local communities and making energy production more efficient. Our mission is to accelerate the development of more environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions. Join GE and Statoil in Powering Collaboration!

Head Health Challenges

Sponsored by the NFL, Under Armour, GE and NIST
Status: Winners Announced

The National Football League, Under Armour, GE and NIST have joined forces to advance the development of technologies that can detect early stage mild traumatic brain injuries and improve brain protection.  As collaborators, we are committing up to $20 million to fund innovative solutions that will help us accomplish our mission. 

The Mind Matters Challenge

Sponsored by NCAA & U.S. Department of Defense
Status: Winners Announced

The Mind Matters Challenge, sponsored by the NCAA and the U.S. Department of Defense seeks to find solutions to the Research Challenge: Changing Attitudes about Concussions and the Education Challenge: Concussion Awareness Program Development.

Unmanned Xtreme Heat Inspection Challenge

Sponsored by AES
Status: Winners Announced

AES is searching for innovative unmanned technologies to solve $1 billion global electricity industry issue. Solutions will enable inspections in extreme heat conditions, keeping people safer and improving energy availability by getting power plants back online more quickly.