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What would enable more patients to take part in clinical trials

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May 21

Clinical trials are required whenever GSK develops a new medicine. Patients are central to any clinical trial and every new medicine that GSK works on – we are always looking at ways in which GSK can improve the access to clinical trials so that eligible patients who wish to are able to participate.




Estimates vary but an often-quoted metric is that only 3%-5% of eligible patients participate in clinical trials. The reasons for this low number vary from geographical barriers to participation, to the need for patients to take time out from their lives to travel to the relevant hospitals for regular visits, to a lack of awareness of clinical trials as an option for patients to take part in. GSK are looking for novel ways to enable eligible patients to participate in clinical trials and remove the things that prevent them from doing so.


Successful applicants with viable proposals with sufficient experience in the clinic will be invited to present their proposal to a group within GSK. Subsequently, if the idea is sufficiently mature with experience in clinical, there may be opportunities to scope a prototype within GSK and even to pilot the innovation within a GSK clinical study.

Key success Criteria
  • Approaches that increase the number of eligible patients that choose to participate in clinical trials
  • The ideas should be compatible with Good Clinical Practice and other regulatory and legal requirements for clinical research 


Approaches not of Interest
  • Digital Marketing technologies such as Pay-per-click or Facebook advertising, traditional media promotion activities 


Due Date
Apr 8
Items to be submitted
  • A non-confidential proposal describing the solution and how the success criteria will be met with the proposed solution
  • non-confidential description of the technology
  • An overview of your experience with digital tools and/or clinical trials


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Martin Wallace
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Stephen Clulow
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