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Mineral Compositions Enabling Low Temperature Transient Liquid Formation

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May 9
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Licensing, product acquisition, proof of concept leading to scale-up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement


Phase 1 – Technology Assessment – 3 - 6 months

Phase 2 – Development plan / Scale up – 12-24 months


All terms to be negotiated depending on technology status

Keywords: transient liquids, mineral compositions, additives, fast sintering, pore formation


For questions and comments, you are welcome to contact the NineSigma Program Manager, Oliver Worsfold:

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May 2019

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Mineral Compositions Enabling Low Temperature Transient Liquid Formation
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a global high-performance materials manufacturer, invites proposals from organizations and researchers for novel mineral composition that enable transient liquid formation at low temperatures.


    NineSigma’s client is a global supplier of high performance materials for a variety of high temperature applications. Transient liquids process relies on the liquid reaction with time leading to novel solid crystalline compounds at high temperatures. The transient liquid formed evaporates over time to leave pores enabling fast sintering within the bulk phase.

    Currently, NineSigma's client incorporates Boron source into Alumina compounds which forms the transient liquid at <1000 °C.

    The objective of the current search is to identify potential mineral additives that enable the formation of the transient liquids at lower temperatures and ideally below 700 °C.

    The client is open to all solutions from academia and industry.

    Key Success Criteria

    The ideal solution will be a mineral composition which meets the following criteria:

    • Transient liquid formation: <700°C
    • Additive addition <2% of final product formulation
    • Enable fast sintering of final product formulation
    • Minimum effect on thermal properties at higher temperatures (> 1200 °C)
    Possible Approaches

    Any mineral composition which enables the formation of low temperature transient liquids with the following systems:

    • Alumina (Al₂O₃)
    • MgO
    • ZrO₂
    Items to be Submitted

    Your response should address the following:

    • Non-confidential description of proposed technology and working principle
    • Status of IP and Freedom to operate
    • Brief overview of organization
    • Experience of commercial exploitation of chemistry methodology development


    For assistance, please contact the Program Manager (

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