What is NineSights?

NineSights is a secure, collaborative online community that connects innovators of all sizes with resources and relationships needed to drive business value. Developed and powered by NineSigma's global innovation experts, NineSights provides Solution Seekers and Solution Providers with the unprecedented opportunity for real-time partnership.

The BASF Energy Contest website is powered by NineSights and members of our community can choose to interact with all of the resources of the NineSights community if they so choose.


How does NineSights work?

NineSights is an online innovation community where registered individuals and organizations can learn about potential business opportunities, communicate directly with one another and showcase expertise. Members have access to a myriad of business-building tools including:

  1.  Innovation news, blogs, resources, technical discussions and other activities
  2. NineSigma Requests for Proposals and other business opportunities
  3. The ability to post technology offers to the community for free


What type of verification does NineSights conduct on users and posted content?

Each potential community member must sign our Terms of Use before the registration process is complete. Once registered, all member profile content is subject for review and modification without warning if it fails to meet or violates our Terms of Use. If a member's content is assumed to be confidential in nature, a NineSights moderator can intervene with questions or recommendations for content adjustment. In addition, community members are welcome to report inappropriate use of the system via a message to