The BASF Energy Contest seeks novel approaches to provide stationary storage of energy. The goal is to identify new ways to store and release electricity. Successful deployment of such technology would allow renewable, intermittent sources of energy to become steady sources and could bring power to isolated regions.  

1. Open Call for Proposals: February 9, 2015 through June 16, 2015
The BASF Energy Contest is an open call for concise, non-confidential proposals that will serve as an introduction to the respondent's proposed approach and should provide both evidence that the technology has the capability to store large volumes of energy at low cost and a clear discussion of the role chemistry plays in the proposed approach.

2. Evaluation of Proposals: June, 2015 through November, 2015
Up to 5 of the most promising respondents will each receive a 100,000€ prize. Each winner will have the opportunity to collaborate with BASF to produce a detailed technical and feasibility analysis of the proposed technology. This collaboration may lead to funded development of the technology.

3. Awards Announcement: November, 2015


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