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Ohio Soybean Council

OSC was founded in 1991 to manage the Soybean Promotion and Research Program—more commonly known as the soybean checkoff—which collects funds from Ohio soybean farmers and invests those funds in ways that benefit the industry. Key activities include investing in soy-based product development and working to bring new soy-based products to market.

Gallery Drives Relationships

Since Inception, the Ohio Soybean Council Gallery is driving relationships with OSC!  The Ohio Soybean Council examines each Gallery response carefully and has had further conversations with half of all parties who submitted responses.  As a result, OSC has recently approved research projects totalling US$ 275,000 with three organizations.

Past successes include the following OSC-supported initiatives:

  • Roof Maxx™: A USDA Certified Biobased Product, Roof Maxx is an earth-friendly, effective, and affordable alternative to roof replacement or the application of traditional roof sealants. The product uses Soy-Fusion Technology to extend the life of roofing shingles, reducing waste and conserving valuable resources—for a cost significantly lower than roof replacement. Roof Maxx received fourth place in the "Bio-based Material of the Year 2018" Innovation Awards.
  • Light Curable Coatings™: OSC supported the development of a UV-cured, high-performance, bio-preferred floor coating with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The clean, green soy-acrylate-based product delivers exceptionally low cure times and meets or exceeds industry targets for appearance, hardness, adhesion, solvent resistance, and application temperature. OSC's and Light Curable Coatings' submission is a contender for a 2018 R&D 100 Award.
  • Bio-YIELD®: The 3Bar Biologics Bio-YIELD bioreactor is a patent-pending device that enables people to grow their own beneficial microbes, increasing farm productivity while reducing chemical inputs. (“Bio” refers to the biological rather than chemical application, and “YIELD” indicates the resulting increase in crop yield.) This approach addresses one of the most significant sustainability challenges of our time: to increase agricultural production while reducing use of resources and impact on climate. Bio-YIELD received a 2016 R&D 100 Green Tech Merit Award.

About the Ohio Soybean Council Gallery

This Gallery has three focus areas:

  • Funding Commercial Entities for New Soy-Based Products – OSC seeks to help reduce the risk for commercial entities interested in developing new soy-based products
  • Technology Offers – OSC owns a suite of technologies available for licensing or other collaborative efforts
  • Technology Challenges – OSC offers opportunities to propose solutions to unmet technology needs

Gallery Moderator(s)

  • Senior Program Manager
  • NineSigma North America

The Ohio Soybean Council Team

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