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The company is interested in obtaining one or more coating formulation recipes capable of providing moisture barrier. The coating should be based on water or environmentally friendly organic solvent dispersions/solutions of biodegradable and possibly renewable ingredients (components derived from biomass). More in general the company is seeking a coating formulation based on minimally processed natural ingredients and able to disintegrate and biodegrade in various environmental conditions. The coating must show some degree of sealability at a temperature exceeding 90 C.


Various coating compositions are currently used to provide moisture barrier to substrates such as paper, polymer films and containers. Nevertheless, these coating compositions are normally based on non-biodegradable polymers as colloids and dispersions of polyolefins often modified with paraffins or platy pigments/fillers.

Key success Criteria

The coating formulations must be biodegradable in soil and aquatic environment according to EU norms and must be compatible with the wet coating process of webs carried out at a speed of at least 100 m/min (hence drying and curing of the coating must comply with speed).
Allowed solvents/carriers are: Water, Ethanol, Isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate.
Water is however the preferred one.
Moisture permeation (WTR) should not exceed 5 g/m2/24hr for a coating thickness of 5 grams per square meter at 38C and 90% relative humidity.

Possible Approaches

Dispersions or solutions of cellulose derivatives and low molecular weight paraffins or waxes, fillers or modifiers such as clays will be in scope.
Notwithstanding, the use of mineral fillers should not compromise the sustainability of the coating, and they should eventually prove to end up in compounds common or present in soil or other natural environments.

An ideal proposal contains the following non-confidential information:

  • One or more formulations (recipe) of ingredients, and a manuscript showing the feasibility and compliance of the proposed approach with the criteria.
  • Who you are (company profile, management, capabilities, vision)
  • Your technology proposition vs the success criteria listed above, the development stage and what you envisage it will take to apply it for PMI
  • A listing of the public intellectual property rights you have or have access to.
  • How you envisage a collaboration with PMI would look like
Approaches not of Interest

Vacuum coatings are out of the scope.

Due Date
Jan 13
Items to be submitted
  • Your non-confidential proposal will be first screened by NineSigma, our service provider.
  • Upon validation by NineSigma, it will be shared to the PMI Strategic Alliances team who will review it together with relevant experts.
  • If your proposition is deemed to be of interest, PMI will reach out to set-up a call/meeting with you to further explore the opportunity, likely including the establishment of a confidentiality agreement to ensure an open and detailed discussion.
  • We commit to ensure the above process does not take longer than strictly required and will ensure that you will be kept informed of any decisions taken during this process.
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