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Mar 4

About "Disruptive Innovation Pitch 2018"

NineSigma seeks innovative technologies and business proposals for environment-friendly package materials and packaging that can be developed in collaboration with a major Japanese company.

For details, please refer to the following link.


Sponsor Companies

- Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.

- Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.




Respondents will be given an opportunity to make a direct appeal to personnel with decision-making authority of a major Japanese company. The company is actively engaged in creating new businesses and solving social issues, and to explore the possibilities of collaborating with the sponsor.


How to Apply

  1. Please fill in the attached response template, and upload the proposal. You can also refer to the attached response example. Please note you do not submit confidential information at this process.
  2. Click on "Respond"and create your account for NineSights. Subsequently, please fill in the response form. Your draft will be automatically saved and you can resume later from "Control Center".
  3. Supplemental files such as company brochure may be submitted in addition to the proposal.



 If you have any questions or request, please feel free to contact us at:

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Mar 2019

RFP Title


RFP Description

NineSigma seeks innovative technologies and business proposals for environment-friendly package materials and packaging. It can be developed in collaboration with a major Japanese company. The companies are petrochemical companies, labeling companies, and film companies specialized in package materials and packaging, food companies requiring use of packaging containers, and other relevant companies worldwide.


Key Success Criteria

Anticipated proposals

Proposals using “environmental friendly” as a keyword are welcome from a wide range of organizations.

Proposals are anticipated not only for significantly improved performance and cost of existing technologies for plastic materials and manufacture methods, film production, and package designs, but also for ideas, technologies, and business schemes. It can overturn the conventional concept and realize paradigm shifts in the packaging area.


Anticipated technologies include, but are not limited to, the following. Proposals for an innovative technology and business schemes that can, beyond the sponsor’s expectations, serve as paradigm shifts are also invited to participate.

  • Technology that significantly improves existing technologies
    • Technology that allows the laminate layer to be separated from the base material more easily than existing technologies
    • Biomass technology or plant-derived plastic technology that enables mass production at a lower cost than existing technologies
    • Biodegradable plastics whose properties, such as biaxial stretchability and blow moldability, are as high as those of existing technologies
  • Innovative proposals for next-generation technology
    • Next-generation packaging technology using mono-materials
    • Technology that can decolorize plastics at the time of recycling
    • Gas-barrier technology to replace aluminum deposition and transparent deposition to the surface of film, e.g. polyolefin
    • Advanced technology on plastic recycling
    • Environment- friendly new alternative material for plastic



Anticipated Respondents

  • Working on disruptive idea or technology
  • Willing to partner with established companies



Resources that may be provided by the sponsor

When collaborating with the sponsor, respondents may be able to utilize the following assets owned by the sponsor:

  • Large film production facility
  • Application of film/sheet production technology
  • Sales network expanding to dozens of countries around the world
  • Partnership with investment
  • Facility for packaging prototypes and evaluation tests




    Over the years, concerns have grown over the impact of plastics used as packaging materials on the environment. A recent focus has been on the problem of plastic fragments of less than 1 mm in size floating in rivers and oceans, harming fish, seashells, seabirds, and humans. Corporations and research institutes specialized in package materials and packaging are conducting R&D to address such social problems by using various approaches, e.g. promoting the 3R principle - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and introducing biodegradable plastics.

    Returning to the basic purpose of “maintaining the value and status of goods,” experts have started to discuss how improving on existing technologies. However, it is not enough and the consideration should be given to a paradigm shift approach. The approach will change the conventions of packaging, as well as modes of storage, protection, information labeling, and logistics.

    In this request, proposals are globally sought from potential startups with innovative technology and business schemes. The proposals are not based on the conventional idea of packaging and can promote the establishment of an environmental-friendly society and even improve human lifestyles in collaboration with the major sponsoring company. The company has resources as broad channels and high-quality production technology.



    Items to be Submitted

     Proposal may include the following items along the response template. You can also refer to the attached response example.

    • Overview of the technology
    • Uniqueness of the technology
    • Current performance and things that can be done at this point
    • Proposals that the respondent can make (technology, idea, etc.)
    • Anticipated things for the sponsor
    • Anticipated applications and businesses on collaboration with the sponsor
    • Desired form of collaboration


    Furthermore, the proposal may include the following items along the response form shown by clicking the “Respond” button.

    • Organization overview

     NineSights, the platform of NineSigma’s Open Innovation community, allows you to manage all your proposals. Please contact the Solution Provider Help Desk for assistance about registration and proposal submission.



    Notes on Response

    Proposal shall have clear points and should not include confidential information. Supplemental files such as company brochure may be submitted in addition to the proposal.



    Anticipated Project Process

    After reviewing submitted proposals, NineSigma and sponsor companies will screen the applicants and select startups proceeding to the online pitch presentation.

    In the online pitch presentation, the sponsor companies will come and listen to and interact with the presenters.And the sponsor companies select startups of their interest through the online pitch event.

    Selected startups will proceed to the meeting/interview with the sponsor companies to look into partnership or collaborative development possibilities.



    Response Evaluation

    Possess an idea or startup for disruptive technology

    • Does it offer big change to today’s expectation or perspective?
    • Does it create a new business model and market?
    • Does it widen the customer base by resolving cost or production challenges?


    The maturity level, the idea or the technology does not matter. Besides the points above, we also consider if it matches the sponsor`s corporate strategy and timeline.

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