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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

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ICL Innovation seeks technologies for biodegradable controlled release fertilizers and other enhanced efficiency fertilizers. 


To address resource scarcity and environmental considerations, it is important to strive for accurate fertilization.  A way to achieve accuracy is to control how fast and under which conditions fertilizers become available to the rhizosphere, and subsequently to the plant.  One can achieve improved control by modifying the physical and chemical properties, such as solubility, thermal and mechanical stability, and particle morphology. Or one can use encapsulation or polymer coating to inhibit nutritional ions from leaching out or transforming to evaporable forms.

As standard fertilizers are water soluble, ICL Innovation is searching for ways to make them less soluble or to extend the period in which nutrients are released to the soil.  Examples include slow hydrolysis of larger molecules (as done with urea formaldehyde), or methods to minimize leaching and evaporation of nitrogen based fertilizers (nitrification and urease inhibitors).

ICL Specialty Fertilizers currently consists of six business units, namely; Everris, Fuentes Fertilizantes, F&C, NovaPeak, NU3, and ZRSFL, and offers the following product lines: Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF), Slow Release Fertilizers (SRF), Water Soluble Straights, Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers (WSNPK), liquid fertilizers, Growing Media (GM), grass seeds, Plant Protection Products (PPP), various chemicals. We continuously strive to improve our SLF and CRF lines in order to allow a more precise mechanism to deliver the required nutrients to the plant.

Key success Criteria
  • Fertilizer loading should comprise > 85 wt% of the final product
  • Approach must be cost effective for agriculture use
  • For controlled release fertilizers, release profile should be 3-12 months
  • Approach should exhibit acceptable degradation characteristics: products in the soil, total degradation time, and onset of degradation
  • Be compliant with current and anticipated regulations
Possible Approaches

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Controlled release fertilizers, biodegradable
  • Slow release fertilizers, biodegradable
  • Nitrification inhibitors
  • Urease inhibitors
  • Technologies to increase nutrient use and efficiency over time
Approaches not of Interest
  • Non bio-friendly materials
  • Expensive solutions
  • ICL Innovation is not interested in responses which offer approaches which are already commercialized and available on the market
Due Date
Dec 31, 2016
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ICL Innovation welcomes responses from academic or research institutions or other organizations who are interested in developing innovative technologies and sharing intellectual property in licensing. Approaches with demonstrated feasibility are preferred, but early stage approaches with sound scientific concepts are also welcome. Technologies aligned with business interest will enjoy full funding until implemented on an industrial scale.

To respond, submit concise non-confidential proposals, statements of expertise and other inquries if your expertise fits our stated Needs. To respond, use the button below. For more information view the Need details.

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