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Methods to Sandbox Digital Tools for Clinical Research

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May 21

GSK are always searching for ways to support and improve the clinical trials process, for patients, hospitals & research institutions and for GSK. Clinical trials are typically multi-year efforts, meaning that trialling new and innovative digital technologies can only happen as quickly as the clinical trial itself. The timescale over which digital technologies evolve is often measured in weeks or months so there is a clear disconnect in the timeframe of clinical research compared to the evolution of digital technology. GSK are looking at ways to evaluate the value that these innovations deliver to patients, healthcare professionals and to GSK within clinical research in a timeframe that better fits with the rapid evolution of technology.


We are interested in novel approaches to evaluate technology innovations in the clinical research space in a timely manner. The approach should include replicating the human interactions, safeguards and checks (e.g. Good Clinical Practice) that are necessary for patients and their healthcare professionals throughout the research process. These approaches should ideally enable GSK to trial several versions of the same innovation (e.g. from different vendors) head-to-head and be sensitive enough to demonstrate differences in the value of the solution from each vendor. The outcome of the comparison should be robust enough to give GSK confidence to progress the technology solution into a clinical trial to confirm the benefits seen in the initial evaluation.


Successful applicants with viable proposals with sufficient experience in the clinic may be invited to present their proposal to a group within GSK. Subsequently, if the idea is sufficiently mature with experience in clinical, there may be opportunities to scope a prototype within GSK and even to pilot the innovation within a GSK clinical study.

Key success Criteria
  • A method to evaluate the effects of digital innovations in clinical trials without running a full clinical trial
  • Provide a read out on viability of a technology in the clinical trial environment within 2-3 months at a maximum
  • Consider all stakeholders who come into contact with the technology as part of a clinical trial: Patients, nurses, investigators, the GSK study team
  • Be able to successfully differentiate the performance of similar technology solutions provided by different vendors 
Possible Approaches
  • A UX lab based in a clinical environment enabling longitudinal use of solutions and measurement of their performance and usability
Approaches not of Interest
  • This challenge is not related to the technical integration of clinical systems, but to their ability to impact on the efficiency, effectiveness or control of GSK clinical research.
Due Date
Apr 8
Items to be submitted
  • non-confidential proposal describing the solution and how the success criteria will be met with the proposed solution
  • non-confidential description of the technology
  • An overview of your experience with digital tools and/or clinical trials

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