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Optimised 3D Mold Surface Texture

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Oct 5, 2018
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Supplier agreement, joint development, licensing


Phase 1 – Proof of concept  – 6 months

Phase 2 – Scaleup – 12-18 months


All funding is dependent on the current status of the proposed technology

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Keywords: 3D metal molds, High temperature / abrasion resistance, Open Structures

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Oct 2018

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Optimised 3D Mold Surface Texture
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a global metal engineering company invites responses from experts, SMEs or organisations for technologies or materials to provide an Open 3D Surface Structure for a (coated) Copper Mold.




Copper molds (with Nickel coating) are utilized in the steel and nonferrous industry to extract heat from metallic melts and accelerate the solidification process.

The open distributed mold surface structure controls cooling and homogenizes the solidification of the cooled metal. The thermal stresses in the mold are reduced. Thus the lifetime of the mold will be increased. 

Currently, coating processes or impressed rolling can provide either an irregular roughness or regular distributed isolated peaks but not the desired combination, irregular distribution of isolated peaks.

The client is keen to hear from SMEs, large corporations with expertise / knowledge who are looking for a joint development, licensing or other B2B type relationships.

Key Success Criteria

The ideal technology will meet the following criteria

  • Enable a 3D open surface structure with:
    • Adjustable surface roughness 60 – 150µm.
    • Adjustable surface peaks density 0.5 – 5 /mm
  • Stable up to 800°C
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • High abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures.


The open surface structure should be characterized by having isolated peaks and should enable the valleys between the peaks to be interconnected and randomly distributed as shown in the following example:



Possible Approaches

Our client is open to proposals from all technologies with a TRL above conceptual and is keen to partner with companies who may have a partial or ideally a full solution.

Items to be Submitted

Proposals should contain the following, non-confidential information:

  • Executive summary
  • Status of IP and Freedom to operate
  • Brief overview of organisation
  • Experience of proposed technology in other markets


For assistance, please contact the Programme Manager (

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