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Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge Topic 3: Connect

Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge - Topic 3 CONNECT :   

Provide Immediate and Extended Access for Relapse or Overdose Interventions


The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge is a three-phase prize competition that seeks to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative technology solutions that address the opioid crisis through addiction prevention and treatment, and overdose avoidance and response. 

The Challenge Phase consists of four Challenge Topics that address specific unmet needs or concerns related to opioid use, abuse and exposure. This Topic seeks solutions that provide immediate and extended access for relapse or overdose interventions.

Individuals seeking recovery from addiction are often unaware of services or aid near their immediate location. Those in recovery experiencing strong urges to use drugs or fighting side effects of opioid withdrawal need quick access to help. 

The objective of this challenge is to provide immediate or extended access to interventions to help addicts to avoid overdose and/or help individuals in recovery avoid relapse.

About the Challenge

NineSigma, on behalf of the State of Ohio, seeks challenge responses which Enable Immediate and Extended Access for Relapse or Overdose Interventions.  

Responses should be solutions already in development, focused specifically on the Topic. Responses could include but are not limited to: communication technologies, telemedicine, automated systems to deliver overdose antidote.


The Challenge Phase will conclude by awarding up to twelve (12) $200,000 prizes across the four Topics.  Prize Recipients of the Challenge Phase will be eligible to compete in the final, Product Phase of the Challenge with prizes of $1 million or more. 


Success Criteria

Responses should consider:
  • How your approach aligns with Key Attributes for the Topic for which you are submitting an Entry
  • Technology maturity and time to market
    • For similar approaches, preference will be given to the one that is more mature and/or that has a shorter time to market
  • Potential for broad deployment or implementation
  • Size/scope of audience impacted (“market size”)
  • Robustness
  • Effectiveness
Your approach should:
  • Enable rapid access to intervention such as:
    • Connection to trained counselors
    • Connection to locally available treatment providers
    • Connection to medical intervention administered remotely
  • Enable extended access to interventions from remote locations (e.g. in rural locations without immediately available care; in locations away from hospitals; during travel by bus, train, or boat)
  • Promote positive habit forming or reinforcement

Download the Challenge Summary for a full description of the Success Criteria.


Must submit a response by July 11, 2018 by 5:00 PM EDT to be eligible.  See the Challenge Official Rules for details.

Challenge Moderator
  • Senior Program Manager
  • NineSigma

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