The Challenge is a three-phase, prize-based competition to find technology-based solutions that address or improve opioid abuse prevention, treatment and overdose avoidance and response.

The second phase consists of four Challenge Topics that address specific unmet needs.  Click on the icons below to learn more:  


Topic 1: Rapidly Identify Individuals at High Risk of Addiction. Learn More:

Topic 2: Eliminate or Reduce Urges, Cravings, or Symptoms of Withdrawal. Learn More:

Topic 3: Provide Immediate and Extended Access for Relapse or Overdose Interventions. Learn More:

Topic 4: Protect First Responders and Medical Professionals from Inadvertent Exposure to Toxic Opioid Levels. Learn More:

The Challenge Phase :   Prize Recipients Announced!

The Challenge Phase consists of four Challenge Topics that address specific unmet needs or concerns related to opioid use, abuse and exposure.  Click on the icons at the top of the page to learn more about each topic.

 Top 12 prize recipients  >> 


The Idea Phase:  Concluded  

Hundreds of researchers, caregivers, service providers and average citizens from across Ohio, the U.S. and nine countries participated in the Idea Phase, submitting bold and creative ideas to help address this problem affecting communities across the world.  

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