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Rapid Response Lactate Sensor for Heart Recovery Patients

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Mar 6
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Licensing, product acquisition, proof of concept leading to scale-up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement


Phase 1 – Technology Assessment – 3 - 6 months
Phase 2 – Development plan / Scale up – 12-24 months


All terms to be negotiated depending on technology status


Keywords: lactate biosensor, bio-compatibility, RT Sensing, arterial blood, heart recovery




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Rapid Response Lactate Sensor for Heart Recovery Patients
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing Abiomed, the global leader in heart pump technology, invites proposals from organizations and researchers for a real-time lactate bio-sensor which can be inserted in the arterial blood flow.


Fluctuation in blood lactate levels is a key biomarker when monitoring a heart recovery patient. Primary Care Providers would like to monitor the lactate in real-time but issues with current available devices relating to stability, response time and/ or bio-compatibility have prevented the clinical viability of these devices.


Being able to monitor lactate in real time will allow physicians to detect clinical deterioration much earlier, thus allowing for a more timely response, better-informed medical treatment decisions, and improved patient outcomes.  


Abiomed are looking for advanced, real-time lactate sensors which are stable in the arterial blood flow for minimum of 12 hours. The ideal device would be licensed by Abiomed, but development of potential technologies would also be welcomed.


Whilst development projects are welcomed, proposers would be expected to have knowledge of ISO 10993 and medical device verification


Key Success Criteria


  • Continuous lactate monitoring for >12 hours (ideally up to 4 days)
  • Linear range 1-6 mM
    • Error <0.4 mM
  • Response time < 10 minutes (ideal solution would require <1min or zero lag)
  • Maximum Diameter = 1mm
  • Deployment time of sensor < 30mins
  • Biocompatible with insertion in arterial blood flow
  • Minimal calibration (<1/day); zero calibration ideal
  • Minimum shelf life of 6 months from point of manufacture


Possible Approaches

The potential solution providers could be from  one of the following sectors (but not limited to)

  • Lactate sensors for sports medicine
  • Medicine / Health sensors
  • Academic animal studies
  • Contract Medical manufacturers
Approaches not of Interest



Items to be Submitted

All proposals should be submitted online via Ninesights, the NineSigma open innovation community, according to the instructions in the Proposal Template. Proposals should contain the following


  • Executive summary
  • Detailed description of technology and potential application for heart patients
  • Compare and contrast with the detailed specifications listed
  • Evidence of clinical or preclinical data
  • Development plans to reach target
  • Status of IP and Freedom to operate
  • Brief overview of organization
  • Experience of commercial exploitation medical devices
  • Experience with regulatory approval


    For assistance, please contact the Programme Manager (

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