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EnzoMeal® , an improved soybean meal, removes oligosaccharides and increases crude protein. EnzoMeal® represents a breakthrough product for use in commercially derived feed in a high value, well-recognized aquaculture species such as rainbow trout. Efforts to find suitable, more sustainable replacement proteins for fish meal have intensified, and the need to increase the inclusion levels of soybean meal in aqua feed formulations has escalated as well. EnzoMeal® provides aquaculture farmers a sustainable, long-term, economically viable healthy solution.


Soybean meal presents an attractive alternative as it is rich in protein content compared to other agricultural-based meals, due to its high protein content, essential fatty acids, unsaturated fats, and a favorable amino acid profile that closely meets the dietary requirements of fish. As soybean meal content increases in fish diets due to the high protein content of soy, the fish feed becomes more sustainable and affordable. No other agriculture feed stock has this high of a protein feature.

However, soybean meal application in aquatic diets has been restricted to 20%–30% due to substances that interfere with digestion. Digestive systems for aquatic species, particularly carnivorous fish, are not accustomed to plant proteins and carbohydrates that occur in soy; this group of proteins and carbohydrates are referred to as anti-nutritional factors (ANFs). The EnzoMeal® preparation process removes ANFs such as trypsin inhibitors, antigens (glycinin and b-conglycinin), phytic acid, and oligosaccharides. Moreover, the EnzoMeal® process does not compromise the amino acid composition, thus starting a revolution in soy-based meal.

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