Frequently Asked Questions

As this multi-year Challenge progresses, new FAQ information will be added to a periodically updated FAQ document.

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Must the Insurance Coverage document be in English?

A: Competitors will need to provide the main information from the insurance in English so that NineSigma Challenge Administrators can check it against the requirements. Competitors should ask their insurance provider for English versions of their paperwork. If not, a machine translation is fine (e.g. Google Translate). We do not require a legal document-level official translation.

What is the goal of the Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2?
The goal of SRC Phase 2 is to advance the science of robotic autonomy. Self-driving vehicles on Earth can use complex positioning systems in concert with highly precise sensing technology, all supported by advanced computer algorithms. Off world, on the Moon or Mars, no global positioning technology exists, vision systems must contend with wholly different environments and computer processing power is severely constrained. Hence the need for innovative programming solutions that can allow for meaningful autonomy for robotics supporting or supplementing human operations.

Who is conducting the Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2?

  • NASA Centennial Challenge Program: Challenge owner
  • BHP: Challenge sponsor
  • Space Center Houston / Manned Space Flight Education Foundation Inc,: Challenge administrator
  • NineSigma North America: Challenge facilitator

How can I determine if I am eligible to participate in the Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2?
SRC2 is open to individual and teams from around the globe, with some restrictions. Interested competitors should refer to the Official Challenge Rules for full details on the eligibility criteria (including requirements for foreign participation) to determine if you are eligible to participate in the challenge and receive a prize. Specific questions around individual eligibility can be submitted to