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New Concepts for Animal Model of Heart Surgery-Induced Acute Kidney Injury

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May 11
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Flexible Partnering Opportunities: Research Project, Development Project, Collaborative Development, Contract Research, Partnerships, Licensing.


Phase 1 – Review of Proposals by end June 2018

Phase 2 – Collaborations starting September 2018


Funding small proof of concept studies (€5000) to larger studies (€200000).

All financial terms are to be negotiated.


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New Concepts for Animal Model of Heart Surgery-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
RFP Description
NineSigma, representing a large European pharmaceutical company, invites proposals for concepts for animal models of heart surgery-induced acute kidney injury. The kidney injury should be driven by heart surgery. The model will be used to test drug substances to prevent, or reduce heart surgery-induced acute kidney injury.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is one of the most common complications associated with cardiovascular surgery (CVS). The ability of the kidneys to eliminate of toxic waste products and preserve normal electrolyte balance is reduced. AKI can occur in up to 10% of open heart surgeries. It is a major health issue since it increases in-hospital mortality and negatively affects long-term survival.


Heart surgery-induced AKI can be caused by many factors including inflammation, reduced blood flow to the kidneys, plaque emboli and genetic predisposition of the patient.


There are no effective therapies for heart surgery-induced AKI. Our client wants to develop new medicines that can either prevent the occurrence of AKI following heart surgery, or significantly reduce the severity of the injury to improve patient outcomes.


Animal models of renal failure exist (for example renal ischemia reperfusion injury models). However, there are no models of AKI that are driven by heart surgery.


Our client is seeking partners to develop new animal models of heart surgery-induced acute kidney injury to enable them to test drugs to determine if they can prevent, or reduce, heart surgery-induced AKI. Our client would like animals models where the kidney injury is driven by heart surgery. They are very happy to undertake collaborative work to develop an appropriate model.


Key Success Criteria
  1. An in vivo animal model of AKI driven by heart or cardiovascular surgery
  • A concept for an animal model


  • A partly developed model


  • An unvalidated model
  1. Established in an animal species
  2. Driven by aspects of CVS surgery (for example, but not limited to, hyperperfusion of the kidney during surgery)
  3. Can be used to test drug substances for their potential to prevent or improve CVS induced AKI
  4. Ideally:
    • Uses large animals (such as dog, pig, primate)
    • Does not involve direct manipulation of the kidney arteries
    • Uses healthy animals and does not use old / obese / diabetic animals
    • Can be used to study relevant biomarkers (for example, but not limited to, serum creatine, serum cystatin C, serum NGal)


Possible Approaches
  • Open to all approaches that meet the described requirements.


Approaches not of Interest
  • Renal ischemia reperfusion injury models of kidney injury. (Our client has these models already)
  • Models of kidney injury not driven by heart surgery
  • Models using sheep, cows, horses, rodents.


Items to be Submitted

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  • Complete the simple response form.
  • Attach any additional files of information.
  • Click Submit


Appropriate responses will include only non-confidential information:

  • Description of proposed solution
  • Status of animal model and obstacles to be overcome (if required)
  • Brief overview of the respondent(s)
  • Overview of respondent(s) organization(s) (Do you have the facilities to perform the testing?)
  • A description of your / your organisation's experience with heart surgery and / or AKI and animals models of heart failure induced AKI or heart failure
  • Please provide a list of any patent rights that you own, or have rights under, which cover your technology or animal model


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