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IoT Smart Measurement Sensor

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Feb 14

Siemens Process Instrumentation is seeking a distance/filling level sensor solution which is battery powered and explosion protected (ATEX Zone 1). The aim is to address the emerging markets based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the process automation. This involves monitoring and optimizing of inventory in the process automation. Here, the distance to dry dusty solids and liquids has to be measured.



The IoT based approach to provide digital services, based on sensor data is already proven in various established markets. In the process automation field, this concept for new business models just started. We see a high potential with a strong growing market in this business field and identified a large amount of use cases with various requirements for IIoT based level sensors.

Key success Criteria

Non-contact distance or level sensor, e.g. ultrasound, radar, laser, lidar, to measure dry dusty solids (sand, stone, cement, grain) and liquids (water, wavy surfaces, foam) with the following properties:

  1. Distance/level measurement from 0 … 5m, better 0 … 10m
  2. Accuracy < 5cm, better <1cm
  3. Measurement rate: 1 measurement each 10min
  4. Data transmission rate: 1/day
  5. Battery powered. Battery lifetime > 5 years, with one external trigger event per month
  6. Cost < 120 EUR
  7. Operation temperature -20ºC .. 60ºC, better -20ºC .. 80ºC
  8. IP67 or better
  9. Explosion protection (ATEX Zone 1)
  10. The external trigger to force measurement  and data transmission to 1/min for a specified  time, e.g. 1 hour
  11. Data transmission: wireless 4G/5G, GSM. Optional additional WiFi/BT communication for commissioning and maintenance
  12. Optional: separation of sensor and communication
  13. Optional: Additional sensors: temperature, vibration, position (GPS)
Possible Approaches

Siemens Process Instrumentation (PD PA PI) is open to all solutions that meet the key success criteria.

Approaches not of Interest

A solution not meeting criteria 1)  to  5)

Contact measurements e.g. ruler, swimmer, hydrostatic

Due Date
Feb 8
Items to be submitted

We are looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should:

  • Describe the technical approach
  •  Include a description of the responding organisation or team and their experience


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We recommend:

  • Including a concise abstract summarising your submission
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